Rescued from the Throes of Depression

Amazonian Wednesdays 🌴


Today’s jungle story is from just a month ago:


It all started during the pandemic. Naya’s son Oscar was completely alone in Lima for those initial, terrifying months. Peru was the country at the top of the list worldwide for covid deaths. The nation was completely shut down for half a year. The military made sure no one left their homes except for the briefest of windows before dawn for getting groceries and medicine.

And Oscar was all alone. During those months of isolation and terror, he went into a dark depression. He fell on the coping mechanism of overeating and began to pack on alarming amounts of excess weight.

Even when the worst of the pandemic had passed, the damage was done. Desperate for connection, he fell into a bad crowd of friends. He began smoking and drinking, the downward spiral worsening day by day. He had lost all motivation to take care of himself.

Naya has come to know the power of God very personally. She knows firsthand that He answers prayers. Armed with this knowledge, she once again turned to prayer and fasting. As only a mother can, she began to cry out to God for Oscar’s salvation.

The moment came when Continue reading Rescued from the Throes of Depression