The Unique Delight You Bring Him

“He will take delight in you with gladness…” (Zeph. 3:17, NLT).

Sit with that thought for a minute. Don’t rush past it. Daddy God takes delight in you. You bring great gladness to His heart. The sight of you makes Him profoundly happy. He likes you!

Before He made the universe, He dreamt of you. During the immeasurable span of His eternal pre-existence, He fixed His attention on your creation. With expansive forethought and tenderness, He conceived of your design. He thought up every delightful detail of your being. As He planned each one, He anticipated you with intense pleasure. Exercising masterful precision, He picked the exact moment and context for your birth. With a twinkle in His eye and a song in His soul, He awaited the chosen day. And then He brought you into existence, His heart bursting with joy.

You have already been loved for an eternity.

You know what else? You are unique. You fulfill Him in a way no one else can. When you lift your face to Him, He lights up. Your worship is an expression of one-of-a-kind you. Therefore, your worship is irreplicable. The love you offer Him has a color, flavor, and fragrance that He can’t get anywhere else. No one else in all of history can give Him the unique joy that you do. No one before you ever could. No one after you will ever be able to again.

Soak in that truth for another unhurried moment. While you are at it, go ahead and marinate your soul in the rest of this verse:

“The Lord your God is with you.

He is a hero who saves you.

He happily rejoices over you,

renews you with his love,

and celebrates over you with shouts of joy.”

(Zeph. 3:17, GW).


Can you picture God singing and shouting with joy?

35 thoughts on “The Unique Delight You Bring Him

  1. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing such a powerful word! I never thought about the my love as being unique and one of a kind that He can get only from me. When you look at in that light, it brings to the surface just how important we all are to Him. How He desires to have that one on one with us. I will be soaking in this for word for days and meditating on His truths in what you have shared. God bless!

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  2. It may seem strange but I struggled with this language – in fact I thought it might have fallen out of my bible – I couldn’t find Zephaniah – then I found it and years ago I must have read it, for I had highlighted that last chunk of chapter 3. yes, I need to read it a few more times I think. Thank you. x

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  3. ♡ So did SHE!!! but Very Few Ladies Pay Attention to Goddess, Mother Nature and HER!!! Work; such a Stone Cold Shame for The SisterHood



    1. The Scriptures have such beautiful feminine imagery of God too. Here are a couple of my favorites:

      “Like babies you will be nursed and held in my arms and bounced on my knees. I will comfort you as a mother comforts her child.” Isa 66:12-13

      “How often I wanted to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings,” Matt 23:37

      We women are a breathtaking reflection of the Creator’s nature!

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  4. More and more I am able to yes! Today or church service was overseen our community of the transfiguration (group of university agreed students who attend our church and also share their faith in the university campus they attend). It was an all ages services with plenty of wonderful children. We had songs which included actions, some NZSL too which was awesome. We also danced which for many of us was uncomfortable at first, but was a great way to praise God. He takes delight in us, so we must take delight in how much He cares for us too! ♥

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