Jesus Multiplies Bread, Fish… and Gasoline!

Amazonian Wednesdays 🌴

A villager overjoyed at Jose’s arrival

This amazing miracle took place in August 2020:


They stared at each other blankly. Their hearts sunk in dismay. They were completely out of gas. Just an hour and a half from their destination, the village of Marcella. Pablo, Jose, and their small team were stuck out in the middle of nowhere. The vast Amazon Jungle spread around their speedboat like an endless green ocean. The pastors’ conference was going to start in a few hours. How would they ever make it on time?

The nearest location where a gasoline purchase was possible would take nine hours of canoe paddling to get to. And they were the speakers for the event!

By the time they were able to get gas and paddle back to the speedboat, the conference would be nearly over. This was looking hopeless. Their hearts immediately began crying out to God for help. They checked and re-checked, and that gas tank was dry as a bone.

Jose felt heavily responsible. He began to apologize. A friend familiar with the area had suggested their gas supply was not quite adequate. He had declined to purchase more. And here they were…

He thought about Pastor Julio, waiting for them. How he had begged for them to come! During  coronavirus times, money had been extremely tight. But Holy Spirit said go. By some miracle, enough funds had come together to finance the event.

The surrounding village churches were gathered, expectant for their long-anticipated arrival. And here they were, floating in the river, stuck. They might as well have been a million miles away.

On an impulse, one of the guys checked the tank one more time. Suddenly, it had gas in it! God had given them a creative miracle! A moment later, the engine roared back to life. They were on their way.

They arrived at Marcella with time to spare. Pastor Julio greeted them with disturbing news of his friend, Pastor Rafael. Rafael could not come. He was dangerously ill with the coronavirus.

Jose and Pablo looked at each other. They knew what Holy Spirit was leading them to do. There was still time. They jumped back in the speedboat and traveled for twenty more minutes. Arriving in Rafael’s village, they marched right into his room. Rafael was struggling to breathe. Prayer ensued immediately. A short while later, Rafael’s breathing was completely normal. He felt the sickness leave his body. God had healed him!

Jose and Pablo smiled at him. “Do you know, Pastor Rafael, that this is a double miracle? We ran out of gas an hour and a half from Marcella. But God gave us new gas, with enough extra that we could come and pray for you!”

It was with hearts overflowing with joy that they opened the conference a short while later. In the remote corners of the Amazon Jungle, the Father is pouring out His Spirit!

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