Another Family Completely Transformed

Amazonian Wednesdays 🌴


Grace and peace to you! Today I want to share with you a story from just a few weeks ago:


Recently, a beautiful sister in our church named Nali shared this testimony with me. I was so blessed, I wanted you to hear her story too: 
“Juan was the first one to get saved. We were separated at the time. Things had just gotten so bad between us. I couldn’t take it any more. I left him and lived with my grandmother for a year.
“But then Jesus got a hold of him! Then he called me and asked me to come back to him. ‘I miss my kids and you so much,’ he pleaded with me. At first, all I did was hurl insults at him. But he was just so changed. Time went by, and I became intrigued. ‘Why do you go to church so much?’ I asked him. ‘Just come with me,’ he replied. ‘You’ll see.’
“Finally, the day came that my curiosity got the best of me. I did it. I went to church with him. The presence of God was so strong in that place that I immediately gave my life to Jesus too. That very night, I was baptized during the service. All I had with me were the clothes that I had worn, so I got baptized in those. I went home, dripping wet, shivering, and overflowing with joy. We have been living for Jesus with all of our hearts ever since. Together.
“At first, my entire family was so angry with me. My mom growled, ‘How could you leave our religion for a man?’ My sister was living out of the country. She flew in just to tell me how foolishly I was acting. All of our relationships were tense and strained. But I kept praying for them.
“Now, as time has passed, God has been at work in each one of them. On an occasion that my father almost died from a serious illness, he got saved. My mom is so close, too; I can feel it. Our relationship has been fully restored. She says I am the ‘loving one’ of the family.
“Two of my siblings have also given their lives to Jesus. And that sister of mine who said I was being so foolish… Well, not only is she saved now, but she has even become a children’s pastor. Truly, God is a God of miracles!”




18 thoughts on “Another Family Completely Transformed

    1. Again, thank you! May the Lord bless you and keep you in His peace today 🙂

      I did visit your “About Us” section, but just wondering if I should address one of you, both of you, or all three of you, or all four of you? Hehe


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