A Good Daddy Who Loves to Answer Prayers

Daddy little girl

“You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it” (John 14:14, NIV).

“…I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation” (Ps. 5:3b, NIV).

Today, just some loving questions for reflection:

When you present your requests to God, do you do so with expectation? Are you expecting Him to answer? Is your heart full of anticipation for how His goodness will manifest to you? Are you drawing near to His throne of grace with confidence, with the full assurance of faith? Do you come to Him as a little child approaching her overwhelmingly loving Daddy – knowing full well that He delights in her and relishes listening to her requests? Do you look up into His tender, dancing eyes and ask Him the questions on your heart, looking forward to His eager answers and generous explanations? Do you know that talking to you is one of the things He most cherishes?

13 thoughts on “A Good Daddy Who Loves to Answer Prayers

  1. Jennifer, I appreciate your encouraging message about prayer. Your questions remind us to bring as much energy as we can when we interact with our Father. In doing so, we won’t feel a need to hold anything back.

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  2. Thoughtful. Relationship life-long and being open surrendered and trusting Him we will also learn that if He answers no we must still trust that Abba knows the FULL PICTURE. Blessings!

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  3. Just had to return to this and let you know that God answered a big prayer request for our daughter and her new school 😊 that I had asked friends to pray through with me a few months ago. I wanted her to be placed where God wanted her to be and laid down my own desires in prayer, knowing that if that door closed, His (better) plan for her could still be trusted.

    But He opened that door we requested at the high school and it so comforts my heart knowing our daughter will be with a good friend from her old school and not in a class where she knows no one. And to find out today feels like God’s beautiful touch for us- we just got back from our visit “home” (to New Zealand) and I was shedding tears this morning, lifting my heart up to God. It’s just like the verse I sat with this morning: When our anxious thoughts assail us, God’s consolations delight our soul. Oh how He knows how to comfort us (thank you for your prayers for that also).

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    1. Good afternoon, dear Anna! My heart is rejoicing with you, to read this wonderful news. Our Abba is so, SO good! (I’m catching up on my blog comments after having some more visitors from out of the country). Also, that same Scripture was really speaking to my heart recently, makes my heart smile to read it here again. Sending much love!


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