The Intrinsic Preciousness of Your Purified Faith

It’s audio devo day!

Wars have been fought over it… Men and women have dedicated passionate lifetimes to the pursuit of it… treasure hunters fawn over it… gold. It never loses its value. And yet, your faith is infinitely more precious than this substance so many seek after. We need our faith purified and strengthened, in order to access all the fullness of what God has already made ours. May your own faith be strongly encouraged today as you tune in here:

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Have you ever thought about the inherent value of your faith?

6 thoughts on “The Intrinsic Preciousness of Your Purified Faith

    1. You are so very welcome, William! And thank you for your kind comment, I truly appreciate it 🙂 (I’m catching up on my blog comments after having some visitors from out of the country) Many blessings to you today!


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