Out of Black Magic into the Light

Amazonian Wednesdays 🌴

Encounter Ministry

Today’s story is a more recent one, from just last month:


Life had lost its meaning for Perla. Her daughter-in-law had abandoned her family, leaving four hurting grandchildren under her care. They were so young to lose their mother, the oldest just twelve.

And what a home for them to come into! Perla’s husband and son were constantly inebriated. They treated her abusively, wounding her heart repeatedly. Now even her grandson was becoming entrapped in a drunken lifestyle.

Perla had turned to black magic, seeking empowerment over her circumstances. She inherited this deception from her parents and grandparents, who had also practiced it. This “answer” also failed her. The despair and emptiness inside her only worsened daily. Existence had become a torturous burden.

Until…Her neighbor invited her to our Women’s Encounter, offering to pay her way. Perla figured she might as well go and get out of the house, since it was free. So she agreed. She was absolutely amazed by what she experienced when she arrived.

Magda, one of our leaders, was boldly proclaiming to the women the freedom available in Jesus. She shared from her own testimony, “I was enslaved to idolatry for years. The devil had me where he wanted me. On top of my inner misery, I was diagnosed with cancer. But God! I repented of my sins. He delivered and completely healed me! 

“And not only me. My husband had seven strokes and was dying. The power of God hit our family and healed him too. The doctors were amazed!

“This saving power is for you today too. No one is going to take you out until God says it’s your time. His presence is here to set you free. If you have been involved in the occult, it’s time to renounce that. It’s time to break those curses instead of passing them down to your children. We are going to do this together…”

With that, she led them into an unforgettable time of prayer. These ladies saw heaven come to earth in those moments. Palpable freedom filled the atmosphere. Chains were breaking left and right. Perla got set gloriously free!

That very week, she eagerly attended her first discipleship class. “I have never experienced anything like that Encounter before!”, she exclaimed. “The way we danced and sang. The teachings. The presence of God. My entire life is changed. I had been wishing for death, calling for it to take me. Now I am truly alive! And I’m ready to fight for my husband, kids, and grandkids. I’m ready to see miracles in their lives too!”

12 thoughts on “Out of Black Magic into the Light

    1. I am praying for her right now, agreeing with you in faith in Jesus’ name that He would set her free by His power, opening her eyes to His truth and love, and granting to her repentance unto life in Him!


  1. Just read “Miracles Today” by Craig Keener. Amazing documentation of miracles the mainstream press rarely covers, with some astute thoughts about what constitutes a “miracle,” why some people refuse to believe even in the face of clear evidence, and a warning not to be taken in by false teacher and “counterfeit” miracles, even when they seem to be “real”!
    What a challenge to believe Father to do the “impossible” when we cannot, “For nothing will be impossible with God.” Luke 1:37
    ❤️& 🙏, c.a.

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  2. I love this story! Although some of the elements may be foreign to a lot of us, one part of her testimony applies to all of us: “No one is going to take you out until God says it’s your time.” – Or as one evangelist declared: “I am immortal until I have completed my mission and God is ready to call me home.”

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    1. We also see Him healing the members of our church regularly of major things like cancer! But I agree, He really, really loves to show His power on behalf of those that don’t know Him yet, wooing them unto His heart by meeting their needs in dramatic ways!


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