Revival on the Rivers

Praying for the sick in the hospital

Amazonian Wednesdays 🌴

Today’s share is from last month (I’m mixing new and old stories for you on Wednesdays as promised!):


Can you imagine a missions trip into the depths of the Amazon Jungle… taken by 200 young people from 46 churches… on a four story barge? Well, that’s exactly what just happened here a few weeks ago.

One glorious evening during an all-night prayer vigil out at our Missions School, Holy Spirit dropped this idea into the hearts of Israel and others there with him. That night, a new movement was born.

During this eleven-day trip, the team hit 7 cities and villages with a massive amount of one-on-one evangelism. They held evangelistic crusades in the main plazas. These teens reached 62,000 people with personal ministry. Simultaneously, they preached the gospel through 2 television and 6 radio stations. They reached a staggering number of 102,000 with the good news!

There were at least 210 registered supernatural healings during the trip. This included 79 reports coming to us from hospitals where the team went in to pray for sick. And, best news of all, 7,160 gave their lives to Jesus… and 694 of them were baptized on the spot! This was an amazing sight to see, as masses of people were baptized in a portable pool right out in the public squares.

.Our thirteen-year-old daughter Anna shares: “I met a little girl of about six, named Eliza. Eliza’s grandma, Susana, told me that Eliza had been abandoned as a baby. Eliza’s father, tragically, had taken his own life at that time. Eliza’s mother could not handle the pain. She had deserted her child, leaving Susana to raise her. ‘My grandma says that I am so thin and weakly because I didn’t get any breast milk,’ Eliza explained to me.

“I started to read a Bible story, acting it out for her with voices. She listened with big eyes and kept exclaiming, ‘Wow!’ A special bond formed between the two of us.

“I invited Eliza to come to the big outreach we had planned that evening in the main square. She looked down sadly and said she would not be able to. Her grandma could hardly walk. She had long been suffering with a crippling ailment.

“The next moment, though, Susana came in, walking perfectly well! The rest of the group had been praying for her in her bedroom. She was completely healed!

“Susana and Eliza joyfully arrived that evening at the outreach. They joined the large line of new believers in Jesus… saved that very day and getting baptized right then and there. Eliza held my hand as she skipped merrily towards the waters of baptism…”

23 thoughts on “Revival on the Rivers

  1. This makes me cry. Thank You, Jesus for Your deep deep compassion. And Jennifer: thank you for sharing this with us. Anna’s story especially is so moving. Oh may Jesus continue to move mightily in your midst.

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  2. What a beautiful testimony coming from the mouth of babes. It’s so great to hear and see how God can use children to be able to get to other children. God bless y’all’s ministry.

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    1. Thank you so much, Jerry! It brings me a lot of joy to hear from you on here, thank you truly for your thoughtful comment! Amen, it stirs in my heart that He wants to pour His Spirit out through our youngsters more and more!


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