Your Destiny Undeterred

Anna is my mini-me in a lot of ways 🥰

“Mom, I want to tell you about something,” began my thirteen-year-old, Anna the other day. “God woke me up at 3:00 am,” she went on. “He wanted to talk to me. So I went upstairs to pray.”

(Wow, right?!)

She continued, “I began to ask Him about my calling. I said, ‘What if I get it wrong? What if I make the wrong decisions? What if I miss it? What if I mess it all up?”

(Can you relate to those questions?)

“At that point, God began to give me a vision. I could see it vividly, with my eyes open. He was showing me what it would be like, if I never fulfilled my calling. I saw pictures of people’s lives that would never hear about Him. They would live their entire lives and never find out about Jesus.”

She went on to explain that this was not a negative or burdensome picture; on the contrary, it was the Holy Spirit’s way of communicating to her heart how absolutely vital her role is to play in His plan. It’s literally of life and death importance, and for nothing less… than eternity.

“So first He revealed to me how incredibly crucial His calling on my life is. He then went on to say to my heart, that for that very reason, He is going to make absolutely sure that I get to where I need to go. I won’t mess it up because if I go just a little bit off in the wrong direction, He is quickly going to let me know. He’s going to put a sense of strong discomfort inside my spirit, getting my attention and making sure I step back in the right direction.”

As you can imagine, I listened in awe of what the Lord is doing in my teenager. Truly, I can see the generational blessing multiplying in my kids. I am grateful beyond what I can express! I also knew He wanted me to share this with you. I have a feeling you could use this same encouragement that He gave to Anna that night!

So here it is, dear one:

When you turn to the right or turn to the left,
you will hear his voice behind you to guide you, saying,
“This is the right path; follow it.” (Is. 30:21, TPT)

Be encouraged. Your Father cares far more passionately than you even do that you end up on the right path for your highest destiny in Him!


Does God ever wake you up in the middle of the night to talk to you? I’m curious about how common that is. I’m somewhat surprised for it to happen to my kid, because God almost always waits until daytime to talk to me (not counting my dreams!)

20 thoughts on “Your Destiny Undeterred

  1. What parent wouldn’t want to hear this from their child! How beautiful! How does one even come close to thanking Jesus for that? Yours is the first post I have read today. What a beautiful reminder of how precious our Saviour is. Thank you for sharing! God bless you and yours richly!

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  2. God and I have frequent middle of the night conversations. I think He knows my mind is most still then. While I don’t like waking up in the middle of sleep, I find it sweet. And it reminds me to quiet myself during the day so I can hear what He has to say.

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  3. I’m rejoicing to read this!!!!!! Anna, your words have inspired me to listen more closely and to trust that I’m not going to get it wrong. How encouraging that we will hear the after speaking direction if we veer off a little from what His path is for us!

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  4. “To be an evangelical is to believe in high stakes: at risk, every day, is eternity. At the same time, each new dawn brings with it the promise of salvation.” (Jeff Sharlet, “Hell House”)

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  5. How beautiful!!!! I remember walking with her and the group in the jungle and she was so little – 5 years seem such a long time!
    I find myself waking up at 3am or 4am. God speaks more when I get out of bed and write what he’s downloading to me – lots of times I feel like he’s the one writing bse when I go back and read, i say wow this was God and not me, no way those words and confirmations would have come from me.
    I need to get back to the habit of getting out of bed when He wakes me up, my pen and book missed me and this message is a reminder that God wants to meet with me and He misses those times. Thanks Anna for reminding me to get back on track.

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    1. Aw, those moments sound amazingly special! I have a collection of such notebooks/journals, going all the way back to junior high, as a wonderful Christian teacher back then taught us to journal. I cherish them so, so much!


  6. Thank you for this post. Yes in the middle of the night I have been alerted to Pray. TO connect with Him. Sometimes I do not know for what or WHO. Just ‘connect’ Love and surrender. Special Times!

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  7. Thank you and your daughter for sharing this. It is helpful to be reminded that God cares more about where I am going and what I am doing than I do, myself. Thanks be to God for guiding me every step. I just have to learn to always be listening.

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  8. I love this. How precious is His Word to us. I love it when God wakes me in the night. I love having that intimate time with Him when everyone else is asleep.

    One night He woke me and told me to read the miracle of Him feeding the five thousand – I read it in all versions and it was amazing what He opened my eyes to see that I had never noticed before. That very day my little then toddler daughter sat in front of me on my Mama bike and said: “Mama, Jesus is hungry for the fish and bread.” It still makes me cry. God’s Word to us is so so precious.

    BTW that verse you shared:

    Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”

    is also one God compelled me to pray for months over my husband and family and just wow what unfolded as I did so. I was doing a challenge to pray through the Bible but God asked me to not continue with the planned verses of that challenge but stick with that verse instead. I am so glad I did.

    This post was so encouraging, Jennifer, in so many ways: also as a Mama to my girls. And I needed these reminders of all He has done for me and my family. Thank you for this.


    1. Wow! What an exceedingly precious memory with your daughter! And what a powerful time of obedience in prayer! I treasure hearing about each one. Thank you, Anna. And with all of my heart, you are welcome!


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