The Sound of Rushing Waters

It’s audio devo day!

God dwells with us on our level… but He also inhabits eternity. He speaks in a still, small whisper… AND in a majestic voice that sounds like rushing waters. We deeply need to get to know Him in both ways. May you encounter Him in new ways as you listen here:

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Were you raised in a tradition that emphasized one aspect of God’s voice over another? Maybe the gentle, loving side more? Or the powerful, awesome, holy side? If so, how has the Lord brought you deeper into knowing Him both ways?

9 thoughts on “The Sound of Rushing Waters

      1. I tried twice to post a comment, but both times it didn’t show up. Friends of mine have had that happen too with my blog and I’ve found their comments in my Spam folder. No worries!

        This post was such a gift, giving me greater understanding of a prophecy spoken over me by a complete stranger some 6 years ago that I see God bringing to pass, piece by piece ever since. It was of a fountain pouring and crashing over me and me standing in that flood of water, covered from head to toe in its flow, so very happy. It’s Christ’s cleansing grace, empowering us to see from eternity’s perspective 😊❤ It’s all so very timely, affirming so much what He’s been speaking to me.

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      2. I’m so glad, thank You Jesus!! What an absolutely beautiful picture. May it increase more and more over you! (And thank you so much for taking the extra time to re-type your comment!)


  1. We really cannot out-give God, can we!? I was blessed by the picture you used here from Revelation. The Lord asked me to paint that picture some years ago, but it took me 10 years to complete it. I would add it here, but I don’t know how to send you a photo. Thank you, Jennifer. Hope your throat is is fully recovered now.

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    1. I would treasure the opportunity to see it. Would you feel comfortable emailing it to me? I know in my spirit that it must be amazing! And thank you, yes, my throat is back to normal, thank You Jesus 😊. (I’m catching up on my blog comments after having some visitors from out of the country)


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