Not in the Storm

It’s audio devo day!

As we come to know God’s voice, we will become intimately acquainted with what it sounds like. This will enable us to recognize and reject other voices that are NOT of Him. We will come to understand that God is not in the storm; instead, He’s the author of supernatural peace. I know He has a personal encounter planned with you as you tune in here:

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What is it like for you, personally, when God calms your storm, and you then hear His gentle whisper? How would you describe that?

12 thoughts on “Not in the Storm

  1. Best to learn to hear His gentle whisper even IN the midst of the storm; like a mother who can hear “her” baby’s cry over the den of dozens of babies, knowing His voice can calm the storm. Practice makes perfect: Listen, listen and listen some more!
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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  2. Helpless in hospital as flood waters rose everywhere. No one could visit even medical staff were having problems. His gentle voice spoke peace to me but He even used technology…….I used the remote to find a Christian TV Channel. The words came through……. this is for you wherever you may be in the world….. and a voice sang ‘The Anchor holds in the midst of the storm. The Anchor Holds!. It touched me profoundly and I began to pray. Flood waters kept rising but my time in that hospital is remembered as a time of helplessness but supernatural PEACE and HOPE.
    Blessings and Love to all there ,

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