A Gentle Whisper

It’s audio devo day!

Our “Getting to Know God’s Voice” series continues. This week we begin to delve into the characteristics of His voice. The tones of His voice will ALWAYS communicate love. May the healing tenor of His voice minister to your heart as you listen here:

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In your experience, what is the difference between a feeling of condemnation, and Holy Spirit’s conviction of our sins?

20 thoughts on “A Gentle Whisper

  1. So beautiful. I hadn’t ever sat with that link Jesus gives between conviction of sin & unbelief in that verse in Romans. So funny, because recently I prayed for God to lead me to a book in the library that would help uncover my pure desires in Him (something I have been praying for for quite some time). The book I chose was written by a job coach. She gave you this exercise of writing down your top fears in relation to your vocation and then asked you to turn the fears around. I had written “what if” fears and it was hilarious for me to see that turning it around actually exposed my true fears. Each of those fears represented unbelief:

    – in God’s gift of perseverance
    – in God’s sovereignty
    – in God’s care for my loved ones and for me

    It was eye opening.

    The coach also said we can get hung up on the form things should take (e.g. paid position) and discount the forms that actually work best for who we are (e.g. volunteer work/mix).

    Interestingly she asked you to think back to your childhood hero. Mine was a missionary who interestingly did all sorts of different jobs at different points- often a real mix. I began to look back on my life with fresh eyes as I saw God has been unfolding exactly that. Various jobs. Various forms. Various mixes. A condemnation lifted, giving light to God’s purposes unfolding in my life. I saw Him growing me (through others and the circumstances) and others through me also.

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    1. That is beautiful, Anna! My spirit is rejoicing with you in our Daddy’s faithfulness and goodness to speak to your heart as you are seeking Him out on these matters. May He continue to encourage your heart more and more!


  2. I have written about this in my blog, in one of my earliest posts titled, “How I Met the Holy Spirit.” I’d been plagued with the sin of self-hatred forever and had tried every self-help method of overcoming that … and also some pretty expensive professional therapy … without success. Within hours of accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior I had another episode of self-hatred (which I’d thought would magically disappear once I was saved). The very specific correction I received from the Holy Spirit was, “Don’t do that. It’s a sin. How dare you think such things about a child of God? YOU are a child of God. God loves you. You are defying God’s will when you hate what God loves. You must repent and change your ways. I will not let you fail.” It was so clear and so specific – but to me the most important part was, “I will not let you fail.” That was how I knew this was a message of love, not condemnation. And it was – literally – my first introduction to the indwelling Holy Spirit.

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    1. This is quite belated, but just in case it still helps:


      Are you able to access the podcast version, on iTunes or Google Podcasts? On those platforms it’s pretty easy. to find the next one in the series. Just in case, since I usually am not able to check my blog comments as regularly as I would like, in case you needed it faster than the next time I get on here. Much love to you dear! Thank you for your ongoing encouragement!

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      1. I don’t have any iThings and can’t seem to work out the google podcast things yet. I did spend a while trying to find your next in the series from the blog, but thought it easier just to ask you. If you give the one after as well, I won’t have to ask immediately. 😀

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      2. Ahh I see! That does make it a little more challenging. But most or all of the podcast platforms also have websites. I don’t know their web addresses off the top of my head, but if you did a search for “iTunes website” or “Google Podcasts website” or “Stitcher website” or “Overcast website,” I am hopeful you could find one of them pretty easily. My audio devos are on all of those.

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      3. You are welcome, sweet sis! (It’s taking me even longer than usual to hop on here because we are in “missions team hosting” season, but if you need any more help, let me know! Alternately, my audio devo posts are every Monday, five posts apart from each other, if it’s easier to find them that way). Much love to you!

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