Healing in His Wings

Hail the Heav’n-born Prince of Peace!
Hail the Son of Righteousness!
Light and life to all He brings
Ris’n with healing in His wings
Mild He lays His glory by
Born that man no more may die
Born to raise the sons of earth
Born to give them second birth
Hark! the herald angels sing:
“Glory to the newborn King!”

This carol highlights yet another Old Testament prophecy that Jesus’ birth fulfilled. An in-depth study of just how many OT Scriptures accurately predicted the details of His birth, life, death, and resurrection is mind-blowing. How I love contemplating the amount of forethought God put into His flawless plan of redemption! As you read the narratives of Jesus’ life story – and come to another, and another, and another, and yet another detail of fulfilled prophecy – what comfort arises in knowing that God’s plans play out exactly as He lays them, for our salvation and transformation.

Let’s take a closer look at this particular prophetic foretelling, spoken through the Prophet Malachi: “But to you who fear My name the Sun of Righteousness shall arise with healing in His wings…” (Mal. 4:2, NKJV). In a quiet, humble corner of the Holy Land, this promise unfolded. Jesus came into the world. After the long, oppressive night of sin’s reign, the Sun of Righteousness arose. Weeping had endured for prolonged and painful hours of blackness, but joy came in the morning. “The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light, and upon those who sat in the region and shadow of death, Light has dawned” (Matt. 4:16, NKJV).

A great light! He has come. Jesus is your Sun of Righteousness. He has risen with healing in His wings… healing that is for you. Do you feel like you have sat in some darkness this year? The Light of the World is here. He was born that you no more may die. Lift up your face to Him, and He will shine on you. The rays of His presence radiate light and life and restoration. Drink them in… bathe in them… and begin to receive the healing you need from Him even now…


What kind of healing have you received from the Sun of Righteousness?


8 thoughts on “Healing in His Wings

  1. Amen! Christ’s healing has brought me out of episodes of life’s darkness. I have experienced His light. Jennifer, may the hope, peace, joy, and love of Christmas fill you and your family with the Spirit as a new year arrives.

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