Becoming Unshakable

“I have set the Lord always before me; because He is at my right hand I shall not be moved” (Ps. 16:8, NKJV).

Think about this. You can pick up a beautiful piece of art, set it on a table in front of you, and gaze at it. You will have “set it before” yourself. This Scripture tells us that you can set the Lord always before yourself too. Does this mean that you adjust His position, moving Him to a space right in front of you?

Obviously, this is a silly question. God does not move from His magnificent position. It’s we that move ourselves. If we were going to the left or to the right, we re-center ourselves on Him. If our gaze has been wandering, we check ourselves. We stop allowing it to wander. We adjust where we are pointing our attention, and we fix it on Him. As the NIV renders this verse, “I keep my eyes always on the Lord…”

Learning to check ourselves and re-center on Him is a lifelong journey of growth. The more we practice, the more we will find this to be true: “…because He is at my right hand I shall not be moved”. The right hand is an essential Scriptural symbol, occurring 167 times in the Bible (KJV). It embodies the concept of strength. When we gradually learn more and more to fix our attention on Jesus throughout the day, our strength grows. By very gradual increments, we become immovable. Slowly but surely, He makes us unshakable.

Here are three more benefits that come from this way of living, found in the same Psalm:

1. Perpetual guidance. “I will praise the Lord, who counsels me… You make known to me the path of life…” (v. 7, 11, NIV). When we set the Lord always before us, it helps us tune into His voice. We grow in sensitivity to His constant whispers, directing us along the path of life.

2. Restfulness of soul and body. “…My body also will rest secure” (v. 9). When we fixate on Jesus, our heart learns how big He is. The immensity of His love and power invests our whole being with His rest and security.

3. Fullness of joy. “You will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand” (v. 11). As we gaze on Him, we connect our spirits into all the vibrancy of His closeness. His own joy permeates us. His pleasures become our own.

So, dear one, let us fix our eyes on Jesus. Let’s re-center on Him throughout the day, over and over again, until it becomes second nature to us. Let’s learn to set Him always before us. We will not be shaken!


What are some ways that can help us remember to re-center on Jesus in the midst of busy days?

12 thoughts on “Becoming Unshakable

  1. We adjust where we are pointing our attention, and we fix it on Him. As the NIV renders this verse, “I keep my eyes always on the Lord…” Music is one way I keep myself centered on Him. I am a country fan and all too often I chose the secular music because I love great country harmony. It’s been a goal of mine these last weeks to go back to only listening to Godly music and it has helped me. Of course hearing the Word preached helps, and reading the bible, writing my post for my blog since it usually is God centered. Good reminders in your post, thanks.

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  2. I remember a message on this that described how a father might take a framed picture of his family and set it on his desk at work – he has set them before him, so he can look at the picture and think of them often during the day. We were told to keep the Lord before us – to give Him a special place in our hearts and minds and think about Him often.

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  3. ” let us fix our eyes on Jesus. Let’s re-center on Him throughout the day, over and over again, until it becomes second nature to us. ”

    Such a great point you made here. ‘Until it becomes first nature’..

    Early in our spiritual walk, this indeed is the interior battle that takes place. We fight, claw, and scratch to make time for God- whether attending service, reading the Bible, praying. And early on the moment service is over, or we close the bible: we automatically revert to our first nature- much like we do after the completion of a task. This is the truth.

    Ive used the following example, think of a gauge in your car. The fuel gauge. Instead with letter B before Christ, and A after Christ. If the needle is on B, your still on empty but this gauge represents where our first nature is centered. B is ourselves. If its toward the A then it is on Christ Jesus.

    Here is where Mattew 7:7 kicks in “keep on seeking and you will find, keeping on asking and it will be given, keep on knocking and it will be opened.”

    The scripture point of emhasis is CONTINUATION. To CONTINUE, KEEP ON. it is not to knock a few times and then if no one answers stop kocking and go knock on other houses. OR if the door is opened, and we get to experience God..then we then fall under the delusion that so many have- that theyve made it, they are safe and satisfied. Never may that be!

    I rather stay thirsty ever day, in order that I may come to Him to be refreshed every single day, in Jesus name, Amen.

    Also let us never alow first nature to become ‘going through the motions’ this is not first nature- this is DEAD NATURE.

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    1. Amen, Ben! CONTINUATION, as you put it, is of absolutely vital importance! Keep on asking, keep on seeking, keep on knocking, keep on keeping on, keep on pursuing His heart! Thank you so much for sharing your insights, I really do appreciate it!

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  4. This is something I have been trying to do more and more. At any point in the day I have a choice to make, or some indecision, I try to turn my attention to God, and pray. No matter how small, or big, or completely oddball it might seem to pray about.

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