Understanding Your Dreams: Tuning In

Dream Investigation

“My son, be attentive to my words; incline your ear to my sayings” (Prov. 4:20, ESV).

… And we’re back! Can you tell that this is one of my favorite subjects? I get so excited, talking about the ways the Father loves to communicate with us as we sleep! Here are some more helpful hints as you explore His night parables, personalized just for you. (For the beginning of this list, check out Part 1 of this series here).

14) Consider making a voice recording of your dream. This strategy comes in handy on the days when you don’t have time to write your dream down immediately. Speaking your dream into your phone as a voice memo is a faster way of making a record of it. Then you can transcribe it into your journal on a later date when you are less pressed for time.

This is an effective way to ensure you don’t lose any of the precious value of the dream. If you wait until later to document it, you may remember the basic gist of the dream. However, some of the details probably will have faded away… and every detail is packed with meaning, when it comes to God. You don’t want to miss any of them!

15) Capture your first impressions of your dream. Even upon waking, there may be parts of it that are hazier in your memory. Go ahead and write down the first thing that comes to your mind about those indistinct memories. Don’t second guess that first impression. As you practice this, God is training you to follow His soft voice. You know what those less-than-clear parts of the dream are? His whispers to you. Lean in as well as you can to your memory of them, and write down a description to the best of your ability.

One of the lessons I learned in parenting, interestingly enough, applies to dream interpretation. It’s this: whispering can be an effective way to catch my children’s attention. They get quiet and move their ear closer to catch what I am saying. This can end up being much more emphatic than raising my voice. Holy Spirit does the same thing with us. How it delights His soul when we quiet ourselves to listen extra closely! Can you feel His heart here? “Listen… to what I say. Listen carefully. Keep these thoughts ever in mind; let them penetrate deep within your heart…” (Prov. 4:20-21, TLB).

Recognizing and responding to His softest whispers reflects spiritual maturity. As a mom, I experience great joy when my children listen well. In contrast, I really don’t enjoy having to raise my voice to get their attention. In the same way, Daddy God’s heart is delighted when He can speak softly to us and immediately have our attention. He would much rather communicate this way, than have to do something dramatic to get our attention.

I love how The Message renders the above verse: “Dear friend, listen well to my words; tune your ears to my voice.” Tuning our ears to His voice. Isn’t that perfect? Just like you tune the dial of a radio carefully until you are precisely receiving the signal being sent out… this is what Holy Spirit is training us to do with His voice and His pictures.

What we have here is a general principle about hearing from God, that also pertains to the area of dream interpretation. You will be surprised at what He will show you through even the fuzzier parts of your dreams. I will add, don’t worry about pieces of your dream that you can’t remember at all. Don’t strain at the effort of remembering, either. In a posture of inner rest, simply record what you do remember, thoughtfully and thoroughly. Tune your spirit’s dial to His voice, and peacefully transcribe the message He is transmitting to you.

16) Underline key words and phrases. Once you have written down your dream, this is a wonderful way to begin digesting the meaning. Read back through everything you wrote, slowly and carefully. “Incline your ear” to Holy Spirit, practicing awareness of His closeness as you do so (Prov. 4:20). Enjoying the fellowship of His intimate presence, notice what sticks out to you as you read. In each section of the dream, underline words that encapsulate the main point of your sentences.

Here is an example excerpt from one of my dream journals: “I was with David leaving a store. I saw others checking out with tremendously discounted items.” As you can see, I underlined what I recognized as the central idea in each sentence, in as few words as possible. Once you have done this exercise with the entirety of the dream, it’s much easier to skim back over the whole text. The underlined concept words jump out, helping to point to a cohesive bigger picture.

Yep, you guessed it. Our series continues tomorrow! Stay tuned 😊.


Has God communicated to you via subtle, indistinct pictures in your dreams? Have you ever wished (as I have) that He would speak louder?

8 thoughts on “Understanding Your Dreams: Tuning In

  1. I really enjoy this topic as well. Thanks for writing about it. Some things that come to mind, the intuition is sharp, it’s instinctual.., intuition should be called divine holy guidance… or Holy Spirit. Yes, at times we will get things wrong, but I’d rather go with my gut, be wrong and safe and still be breathing, than go against it, risk my life and those I love and be buried next week six feet under. ** I always knew the bullsh*it , they tried to teach me as a young lad at ‘the jehovah witness” halls was false, if you dont know… they actually try to teach their followers that at one time God did in fact speak to his people through dreams, they cant really deny that since we can all read it as a matter of fact in daniel, but then they say, ‘that time has come to an end’ and now Almighty God doesnt speak to men in dreams anymore….well, sister, this isn’t about them.. their crooked organizational doctrines, this is about DREAMS, and their significance.. when we have dreams that mean something, that have life meaning and weight behind them, WE KNOW IT, WE SENSE IT, BECAUSE THE dream grips us to the core. We will notice a trend also , perhaps the environment of the house or school as kids where we grew up at, and that trend resurfacing speaks to us… mine is the old house i grew up in.. every time i have a dream of that house, there is a message.. last thing id like to contribute is this – i dont like the word ‘dream’ anymore ,because of the negative connotation it has associated with it… as in ‘false’ , and the dreams i’ve had associated with that old house were not false at all, they were real present day warnings, occurrences, —>> when we lay down our heads, we NEVER SLEEP, we simply REST. Which is why it says in God’s Word God RESTED. Our spirits never sleep, our bodies rest. which is why its so important to pray and surrender our spirits to Almighty God’s protective hand prior to going to rest. When we lay down to rest, and upon going to ‘sleep’ our spirits walk across the bridge of the SUPERNATURAL….where all things begin… WHAT we experience on this plane is then manifested onto the TV SCREEN of our brains which we like to call dreams. But they are not dreams as in false… they are a reality. Not every one them, and i cant tell you which ones, thats up to the person to decide. Sorry for the length, hope this helps someone. God bless

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    1. You clearly have been receiving some wonderfully helpful messages from God as you rest, Ben! You have a lot of helpful insights, and I’m so glad you shared them. You are right, surrendering our spirits to His care as we lay down at night is such an important step towards hearing from Him. Thank you so much for adding value here 🙂

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      1. thank you Jennifer, I thank you for your kind response, and from reading it I hope I dont come off ‘i’m trying to show what i know’ instead of simply sharing what i know to help others.. if i did come off that way, i apologize, and plz comment and let me know…. i share because i want others to know things it has taken me a long time to learn, understand, and learn by experience….not to mention, most importantly …. i feel you are genuine, your honest, and what better place to share your thoughts? on a page that rings truth, commitment, a dedication to God, and a love to serve Him… Glorrry to Jesus! AMEN!

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      2. You are welcome, Ben! No, I didn’t at all get the impression that you were trying to show off, no worries at all there. I really genuinely appreciate you sharing from your life’s journey, it does bless others in wonderful ways!


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