Unveiling His Secrets

Light from book

“For everything that is hidden will eventually be brought into the open, and every secret will be brought to light” (Mark 4:22, NLT).

Did you read that and think, “Uh oh, I better make sure I don’t have any hidden sin in my life… or else God is going to expose me!” Rest easy. God doesn’t like to expose people. He greatly, greatly prefers to cover over a multitude of sins with His measureless love, wooing us gently to repentance (1 Pet. 4:8; Rom. 2:4). Furthermore, from the context of today’s verse, we can gather that this is not the point Jesus is emphasizing here.

What He is actually teaching us about with these words is our need to search for understanding. Have you ever read anything in the Bible that had you scratching your head in puzzlement? That kind of mystifying Scripture passage fits into Jesus’ description of “everything that is hidden.”

Up until now, that particular piece of wisdom is hidden from you. Here, He is promising that, if you diligently seek Him about it, that which is hidden from you will eventually be brought into the open. His beautiful secrets, now veiled in mystery, will be brought out into the light for you.

Just two verses later, Jesus adds, “The closer you listen, the more understanding you will be given” (v. 24b). Herein lies the key. How much listening are we willing to do? In that same verse, He urges us, “Pay close attention…” How much attention are we willing to pay?

Will we earnestly ask Him about it? Spend dedicated time leaning in for His response? Be on the lookout for the clues He will be sending our way? Treasure the answer when it comes? When we run into one of those hard-to-understand Scripture passages, if we are willing to dig deeper, God is promising to reveal the mystery to us.

We find another clue in the preceding verse that helps us further unpack this truth: “Would anyone light a lamp and then put it under a basket or under a bed? Of course not! A lamp is placed on a stand, where its light will shine” (v. 21).

This is the same promise, put into different words. God is guaranteeing us a lamp. He is pledging to us illumination. He is promising us enlightenment. He will not hold back His revelation from us (put it under a basket or a bed). He freely, generously offers it to us to light up the shadows of our hearts and minds with His brilliance.

It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you precious gifts of understanding and insight. Ask, and you shall receive!


Have you ever thought about God being eager to give you revelation?


16 thoughts on “Unveiling His Secrets

  1. Yes I have considered that Jennifer, with the next thought being often times how much less I seem to be ready to receive it! I will allow busyness to distract me from a deeper communing with God, causing me to not be able to receive what He so graciously wants to pour into me.
    I thank Him today (and everyday) that He is patient with me, thus allowing me to take the time to read what you have written which then makes my heart and mind more ready to receive.
    Abundant blessings on you and this ministry,

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  2. Yes, absolutely well-spoken!, I completely agree Pata. We have ears to listen, so why not listen to someone who has been around so much, seen so much and felt so much?.

    His words did so much for life even before we were on earth, so imagine what it will do for our very being if we just open up our minds to it and let him be the guide, instead of the temptations we tend to give priority too that don’t necessarily make us better individuals or develop our potential.

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    1. Yeah, I love imagining His smile in those moments. It must be like my joy in watching my little ones learn new things, especially those unforgettable moments when they discovered some of the most basic joys of life like walking 😀


  3. Thank you for thoughts expressed. Thank God that our sins were forgiven at the Cross and in His Eyes as He now looks upon us as His Child it is the daily returning to Him for forgiveness of the hiccups on life’s way that He will now willingly forgive. Thank God ALL THE PAST is hidden under the BLOOD. GONE! We have been redeemed by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB. HALLELUJAH!

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