Real Rest Is for the Childlike

It’s audio devo day!

Are you weary? Your Good Shepherd has wonderful provisions of rest for you. Let’s soak together in one of the most important passages the Bible has for us about this. I know He wants to minister to you, as you listen here:

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Does your soul feel tired? Jesus has deep, lasting restfulness to impart to you. Last week we wrapped up our series on loving ourselves as Jesus loves us, talking about the vital importance of building rest and play into our lifestyles. There’s a lot more He wants to say to our hearts about His rest, so today we are going to start a whole new series on this subject.

Last week we considered the physical dimension of rest, where we intentionally, habitually carve out time to allow our bodies to recuperate. Today, let’s dive into the spiritual dimension of rest. Physical rest is one thing, but it’s when our hearts are at rest in Him that we truly come into the fullness of rest. To do this, we are going to take some time and Continue reading Real Rest Is for the Childlike