22 thoughts on “P.S.

  1. Oh Jennifer and Israel, we are praying and praising God for answers. As a nurse, I have been truly following all of your details and she has been followed well and cared for appropriately it appears to me and praise God for watching over her. We love you all and continue to send love and prayers to you all!

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  2. What a breakthrough to have this diagnosis. Praise God! L et us now appeal to Him for the BEST OF HIS TREATMENT and Divine Wisdom in the way forward for Lily’s return to health.

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  3. God restored me from a similar situation — encephalitis caused by contaminated water — when I was 22. It was a journey, but He was there in my hospital room in a way that I never experienced before or since. That ICU is no doubt full of angels! Lily is likely fully aware of their presence. Many prayers for you, as well.

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  4. Praise God! Have been away at a family Bible Conference, but have been regularly lifting Lilly up in prayer. Went forward and prayed for Lilly during a healing service with two of the prayer counselors. I know our Father wants Lilly well and that Jesus has already provided!

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