A Mind-Boggling Investment Opportunity


“But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal” (Matt. 6:20, NIV).

What if someone that you inherently trust invited you into an extraordinary investment opportunity unlike any you had ever encountered before? What if this person assured you that everything you deposited into a certain account would begin multiplying, immediately? What if that multiplication was exponential, had no time limit, and would continue without end?

What if that person is Jesus, and that investment opportunity is real?

It is. Today, and every day for the rest of your earthly existence, you can deposit treasures into your heavenly account that truly and honestly will multiply beyond what you can fathom. No matter how unsparingly you pour yourself out in generosity to God, you will never, ever be able to outgive Him.

The nature of the spiritual realm is that whatever you offer to Him becomes pressed down, shaken together, and running over, poured back many, many times over into your lap. You express your love to Him in seed form, and your seemingly tiny gift transmogrifies into an astonishing harvest. His Kingdom is like supernatural soil that produces exceedingly, abundantly more life-giving fruit than the human mind could begin to ask or imagine.

Understanding this, look at your every day through the lenses of positivity. View every twenty-four hours as a magnificent, golden opportunity. You are being handed the astonishing bequest of a window of time in which to store up eternal treasures. These riches literally will be for your rapturous enjoyment forever and ever and ever, time without end, in an ecstasy that will make your most exquisite moment on this earth look like a funeral. We are meant to fixate on this truth; in fact, the Father desires for us to be consumed by these heavenly realities!

One day not far away at all, you and I are going to find ourselves in eternity. Every single thing we do today matters, as we prepare for that moment. Let’s use this day in front of us to love on Jesus, offering to Him the worship embodied by a life of abandoned devotion. Let’s extravagantly channel our time, energy, and resources into the Kingdom that neither moths nor rust can ever touch.

Jesus urges us to look to that day, trembling with anticipation. It’s so very close now. As you lavish your very best on Him each day, rejoice and be exceedingly glad. The joy ahead is real. Real enough to leak richly into right now. Real enough to make this daily giving opportunity into a grand, glorious adventure, full of majesty and meaning.

The choice is yours, dear child. Will you take the gift of today and deposit it into the investment fund of FOREVER?


What are some ways that we can invest in eternity, in the context of our everyday school and work routines? If you have an insight to share, I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

3 thoughts on “A Mind-Boggling Investment Opportunity

  1. I love the truth in this devotion. Life is like a vapor! I so want to leave something with never ending value. The only thing that will last is hearts that are touched by God.

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