Living in Almighty’s Shadow


“But when it happens, I’ll set Goshen where my people live aside as a sanctuary — no flies in Goshen. That will show you that I am God in this land. I’ll make a sharp distinction between your people and mine” (Ex. 8:22-23, MSG).

When God was about to liberate the children of Israel from slavery, plagues hit the land they lived in. Devastating plagues. Plagues that turned the world as they knew it upside down.

And yet, the place where they lived in the midst of it all was untouched: Goshen. All around, on every side, the known world was crumbling. But in Goshen, there was no plague. Their crops and animals were safe. No one was sick.

Dear one, I believe that Goshen is a spiritual picture of where you and I can live right now too. Continue reading Living in Almighty’s Shadow