Parkinson’s Too Hard for God to Heal? Nope!

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Here is an exciting story for you from just three months ago:


Eusebio was hurting all over. “I couldn’t find ease in any position,” he shared with me. “I couldn’t sit, stand, lie on my back, lie on my side, lie on my stomach…nothing, without constant aching.” His head, his limbs, his torso, his chest… all of it was in pain. Restful sleep was nearly impossible with his body at such dis-ease.

He has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s two year prior, at age 57. The disease was progressing. His arms and legs and face trembled and he felt miserable. “Honestly, I sometimes asked God to take me home,” he confided.

In spite of such terrible discomfort, Eusebio did not complain. “I kept telling everyone, ‘I am healed!” he shared. In faith, he came up front for prayer at church. He believed the power of God was going to touch him and restore him to health. He received extensive prayer ministry. However, nothing visible happened.

He did not give up. He kept on believing and confessing his healing. He also got prayer warriors praying for him, agreeing in strong faith.

Then, the moment came. Our church held a corporate fast out at the Missions School. It was to last for several days. Eusebio was ready. He was determined to continue seeking until the answer came.

This time, he did not have to wait long. He took the hour-long ride, followed by nearly an hour of hiking, to get out to the School. Then, he felt it. “The moment I stepped foot into the chapel building, there was a change in my body,” he testified. “By the time I had walked all the way in, I knew I was completely healed.”

My heart was overflowing joy, listening to him. Indeed, the evidence of his healing was right there in front of me. This man that I had seen week by week in the next-over row of chairs was whole. The shaking is gone. The pain is gone. Wonderful, deep sleep is back.

He can’t stop exclaiming about his Continue reading Parkinson’s Too Hard for God to Heal? Nope!