Vocal Cords and Salvation

“For with the heart one believes and thus has righteousness and with the mouth one confesses and thus has salvation” (Rom. 10:10, NET).

Yesterday, we discussed one of the fundamental ways we overcome the enemy: by the word of our testimony. Today, let’s zero in on one more aspect of this truth. Do you notice that the Scripture does not just say, “They overcame him by their testimony”? Instead, there’s another, crucial part to this verse (Rev. 12:11). Specifically, it says, “They overcame him… by the WORD of their testimony” (emphasis mine).

If we want to overcome the enemy by our testimony, we are going to need to put some WORD into the equation. Your testimony is the story of how God has come through for you; it’s the narrative of all the ways His salvation has transformed your life. And you know what? Just having your testimony is not, in and of itself, going to overcome the enemy. It’s the WORD of your testimony that will.

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