Lessons from Bunny Love

Lily and Moon

“Oh, that we might know the Lord!
Let us press on to know him.
He will respond to us as surely as the arrival of dawn
or the coming of rains in early spring”

(Hos. 6:3, NLT).

Two weeks ago, a family from church gifted us with two bunnies. Never having owned a rabbit in my life before, I have found this new experience delightful. I never imagined that bunnies have personalities! It has been such fun watching them explore our house; they are wonderfully curious. We named them Moon and Stefano.

As usual, Daddy God turned this happening in our household into an opportunity to show me something. For those who have ears to hear (i.e., a listening heart), He is ever so talkative, ever speaking to us through the events of our lives.

A few minutes before I sat down to write this, I Continue reading Lessons from Bunny Love