She Still Speaks

Lani Langlais ❤

“And through his faith, though he died, he still speaks” (Heb. 11:4, ESV).

Today, I am profoundly impacted by the life of a sister I only met once. She went to heaven a few days ago. And though she died, she still speaks. I am speaking of a woman named Lani Langlais. I have been pouring over the amazing number of tributes on her Facebook timeline. She was not a “famous” person here on earth, but to discover the amount of people she touched in a stunning way… has given me pause. I am personally inspired to live my life more like Jesus, reading about hers.

Her faith was so real, so powerful, that through it she still has a “voice” on earth. It is speaking to my heart about the beauty of Jesus. I wanted to share with you what some of those who knew her testify of her life. I am doing so simply because I want you to be blessed the way I am, in reading their words. There were many, many more than what follows, but I chose a few that represented the whole picture well. I put bold emphasis on phrases that especially stuck out to me:

“This little lady became a legend for so many of us. She lived a life aware of the constant celebration of heaven. She brought healing with her everywhere she went. She was a witness to the goodness and grace of God. Tangible, joyful, holy grace. Not Continue reading She Still Speaks