Living Free from Condemnation

It’s audio devo day!

Have you been hammered by thoughts of condemnation? Jesus wants to show you how perfectly righteous He has made you. The breastplate of righteousness is His powerful gift to you. It will keep your heart of hearts safe from the accusations of the enemy. Be wonderfully blessed as you listen here:

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Right now, on the inside of you, do you feel clean? Does your conscience feel easy and unburdened? Do you feel like you’re at peace with God?

Here’s a little secret for you: our feelings tend to follow the leadership of our thoughts and our beliefs. So if we believe that we are unacceptable in God’s eyes, then we will “feel” unacceptable. If we believe that we are perpetually stained before Him, then we will feel uncomfortable before Him. But if we believe that we are holy and righteous in His sight, then our hearts will abide in peace.

This, my friend, is why the breastplate of righteousness is absolutely essential to put on as we are getting dressed in the morning. Where does that breastplate go? Right over our hearts. Right over the center of our core beliefs. Putting on this protective plate of armor is our way to keep our hearts safe from Continue reading Living Free from Condemnation