Does Your Heart Know Who You Are?

Healing broken heart

“To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood…” (Rev. 1:5, ESV).

Did you know you are passionately loved? Did you know that Jesus has freed you from your sins by His blood? Do you believe these two truths, deep in your deepest heart?

Sometimes, we assent to what His Word says in our minds, but not with the depths of our hearts. Here His Bible says that He freed us from our sins. “Yet,” our hearts protest, “What about my temper that still gets the best of me way more often than I would like? I don’t seem to really be free from this sin!”

One of the most important aspects to walking in freedom from sin is to believe what He has said about it… at the deepest level of our hearts. What His Word says about us is Reality “with a capital R.” We need to hold onto that when our own life experience seems to disagree with His Word.

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