When a Witchdoctor Comes to Church

Amazonian Wednesdays 🌴

Today’s story is another one from last year, in the month of September:


Celso stared with fascination as Sister Magda gave a teaching on spiritual warfare. She was explaining to her listeners about the need to be vigilant. Overt witchcraft is rampant in the Amazon Jungle. It is the go-to practice of everyone here that does not yet know Jesus. We as believers must be prepared to deal with this unpleasant issue. We run into it frequently.

Celso’s face spoke volumes as he absorbed Sister Magda’s words. He was highly impressed. This was the first time he had ever been in one of our meetings. A friend of his had invited him. Afterwards, he approached Pastor Carmen. “May I speak with you?” he asked. “Of course,” was her reply.

He blurted out, “That woman that was speaking up there… it’s like she was describing me. I am a fourth generation witchdoctor. My great-grandfather passed on his knowledge and training to my grandfather. My grandfather passed it onto my father. And he passed it onto me. I have dedicated myself to witchcraft for years.

“I am part of an elite group of witchdoctors here in Iquitos. My associates and I, we are the real professionals in this trade. I can call them up, and they would drop everything to immediately assist me. We have an enormous amount of power and money. At my fingertips is everything I could possibly want… supposedly.”

Celso paused here. He looked at the ground desolately, his voice cracking Continue reading When a Witchdoctor Comes to Church