Looking Into God’s Mirror

It’s audio devo day!

Have you been searching for a way to understand your true worth in God’s sight? In today’s devo we gaze together into the true mirror of God’s Word to find out who we really are! The audio version here comes complete with prayer and ministry time:

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Have you ever been to the fair and seen one of those funny mirrors – the ones that distort your reflection? You peer in and your nose is nearly as big as the rest of your face. Or your midsection is three times wider than its real size. Or parts of you sink in on themselves. You are barely recognizable as yourself. My friend, that is a perfect spiritual picture of what happens when we look into the wrong spiritual “mirror;” when we look to the wrong source to reflect back to us who we are.

That source may be a toxic relationship. It may be haunting memories of rejection that we endured during childhood or more recently. Or it may be the deluge of media images flooding us incessantly with unattainable “standards” of beauty. These mirrors announce to us, “You are not skinny enough.” “Your facial features are unbecoming.” “Your shape is wrong.” “You are too gangly.” “You are not sophisticated enough.” “You are uninteresting.” “You are not sexy enough.” And on and on. I’m sure you could fill in the blanks for me: “You are not _________ enough.” “You are too ____________.” What have these false mirrors told you about you?

You know the feeling. The ad flashes before your eyes. You take a lingering look at the images proudly on display. You immediately begin to intake negative feedback about yourself. That sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach begins. You start, once again, to feel badly about yourself. You don’t look like that. You just don’t measure up!

What if we stop this vicious cycle? What if we Continue reading Looking Into God’s Mirror