Releasing the Power of Peace


“And if the house is worthy, let your peace come upon it, but if it is not worthy, let your peace return to you” (Matt. 10:13, ESV).

What is this about? Is peace some sort of swirling pixie dust that we can blow onto a home? How will it return to us, if that home is not “worthy?”

Let’s explore that. I’ll share something that happened last night that may shed some light on the subject. I had an appointment with a young man who does not yet know Jesus. I have a strong sense that his moment of salvation is coming. That is my earnest prayer and desire. Meanwhile, I have been providing him counseling appointments to help with some struggles he has been dealing with.

At the end of our conversation yesterday, a relieved smile settled onto his face. He expressed, “I feel a lot better… like I have been breathing clear air while speaking with you.” He then mentioned that he told one of my daughters recently he feels peace whenever he is talking to me. She remarked, “Yeah, that’s how my mom is.”

So, what happened there? My peace came to rest on him. As our interaction unfolded, inside myself, I was calling on Jesus. I was inviting Holy Spirit to manifest His presence in our conversation. I was asking Him to be present, to lead, to speak, to do what only He can do.

Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Where the Spirit of Jesus manifests, peace manifests. Even though this young man doesn’t yet have language for it, he noticed that last night. Peace is powerful. Peace is a presence. It brings chaos into order. It shifts atmospheres. Specifically, real peace is the presence of a Person: Jesus Christ.

When we walk intimately with Him, we carry His peace into storms. Those storms bow before Him. You and I are carriers of His peace. That’s what today’s verse is talking about. We have the stunning privilege of releasing the profoundly peaceful presence of Jesus into all the places that we go.

If those places have an openness to what we carry, our peace will remain even after we leave. This young man took my peace with him as he returned home last night. Peace is a deposit. It’s real power for transformation.

So, my friend… what would happen if we invite the Prince of Peace to manifest Himself everywhere we go today?


6 thoughts on “Releasing the Power of Peace

  1. A very useful reminder of the peace of Jesus Christ. I will be using this idea today as I have some medical tests done. Instead of fretting over what might happen, I will be sharing His peace with each person who attends me. I hope I can remember to do this every day! Thank you for this post.

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  2. Thank you JENNIFER. IT reminded me that when without having to say a word I have asked the Prince of Peace o be with me in a stressful medical experience and His Peace within me brought comfort to everyone around. His Peace is catching and transforming. Blessings and Peace to you ALL.

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  3. Love this Jennifer, I desire to carry his peace with me wherever I go and I know that for that I have to walk closely with him everyday. Last week at Bible study we had a new lady join in, she has never read the Bible and at the end when I spoke to her she said a lot of what was spoken she did not grasp but she felt a sense of peace being there.
    Thank you for this post my sister 💙💐

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    1. What a wonderful opportunity, to draw that new sister in and help nourish her growth! It’s so special that she could experience the presence of the Prince of Peace in your midst. May He ever draw us closer to His heart each day as we walk with Him! Thank you too, dear Manu 💞

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