The Astonishing Light Inside of You

It’s audio devo day!

When it seems like everything is going wrong that could… when it feels like a horrible day… do you and I shine on a day like that? You bet we do! Every day of our lives, there is a mind-bogglingly brilliant light beaming out of our spirits. Today let Holy Spirit open your eyes to see what He sees in you, as you tune in here:

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Do you know that you are the light of the world? How does that work, if Jesus is the Light of the World? How are both statements true?

8 thoughts on “The Astonishing Light Inside of You

  1. Jennifer, I saw that Light shining so brightly in God’s people yesterday at church. I had experienced some criticism and rejection and was trying not to let the emotion of that control my attitude. When I walked into the sanctuary, the tiny daughter of some friends saw me, and her face lit up! She hopped off the pew and came running to give me a hug! 💕 That evening at prayer meeting a couple of my young friends (20-something) said they were so happy they could sit with me! One of them later went on and on about how much she appreciates certain things I do. After that I had a chat with a new acquaintance, and as I was about to walk away, she suddenly stopped me and asked if we could meet for coffee sometime. I had come to church feeling wounded and left with a heart that was healed and overflowing! Interesting that nothing those people did cost a cent! (Food for thought…🤔)

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    1. My spirit rejoiced so much to read this testimony. This is so, so beautiful. What an immense joy and privilege to be His body together! The light of HIs countenance shines out through our faces on each other, bringing life and healing. So beautiful and precious. Thank you SO much for sharing this, Annie!

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