Twice Over, A Living, Breathing, Walking Miracle!

Amazonian Wednesdays 🌴

In November, we featured the story of Abner Angulo’s miraculous Covid healing. He also has this unforgettable testimony to share with us:

“When I turned 30 years old, I became sick with an illness that began to paralyze me. Each day my legs lost more and more strength, until I could no longer walk. I had become a paralytic. My legs withered. I could no longer feel them. They were cold. They were dead. I could not work.

“My hope was gone.

“I went through a series of unsuccessful treatments. It seemed that my time on earth was almost over. But then, a light came on in my darkness. My mother said to me, ‘Let’s go to church, son. There you will be healed. I’ve seen so many people get healed in that place.’ She and my wife got me dressed and took me there.

“When I arrived, two brothers received me at the door. They carried me in, my legs dragging behind me on the floor. Then the pastor got up and preached about FAITH. Afterwards, I was ready. I accepted Jesus as my Savior.

“Then Pastor Jose Arimborgo* prayed for me. First he asked me, ‘Do you believe that you can be healed?’ I answered, ‘Yes!’ I still remember what he said to me next. It was something powerful: ‘To him who believes, everything is possible.’

“He was right! Today I can walk, run, and jump. I have a normal life, I can work, carry loads, I have strength in my legs, in my arms. The Lord Jesus gave me back what I had lost. Now all my friends and family say of me, ‘He was a paralytic, but now he walks! Jesus has healed him.’”

What an extraordinary story! Abner is, twice over, a walking miracle. Healed from Covid and paralysis! His life testifies abundantly of God’s goodness. He wants you and me to share in that goodness. These are his closing words to us:

“The story of your life is still being written. Don’t give up. Keep on believing. Keep on praying. What God did for me, He will do for you too!”

What about you? Do you believe you can receive your miracle? To them that believe, everything is possible! Be exceedingly blessed on your faith journey today. Israel and I are so grateful for you!! – Jennifer Arimborgo

*Pastor Jose is my father-in-law, and the founder of our Amazonian church network, ASIEL.

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