Overflowing with Thanksgiving

It’s audio devo day!

“This is God’s will for you…” that you would enjoy life to the full. Today, Holy Spirit teaches us that this kind of abundant life comes as we cultivate a lifestyle of gratitude. May our hearts overflow with thanks to Him this week and always. Happy Thanksgiving! Rich blessings of grace and peace to your spirit as you tune in here:

(Encouraged by this? Know someone else that needs to hear it today? You can either share today’s blog link with them, or look up my Feeding on Jesus podcast for sharing and subscribing. You’ll find it at these links on iTunesGoogle PodcastsStitcher, and most other podcast platforms, with episodes identical to these audio devos!)


Why isn’t gratitude the default heart posture that comes easiest? 

4 thoughts on “Overflowing with Thanksgiving

    1. Aw that you my beautiful sister! That blesses my heart a whole lot. Actually, these audios are a podcast. An identical audio track comes out each Monday morning on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, etc. If you’d like to find it on one of them, the podcast has the same name as my blog, Feeding on Jesus 🙂


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