Angel of the Lord Prevents Suicide

Amazonian Wednesdays 🌴

Belen, one of the poorest areas of Iquitos, around the time this story happened

As promised, I have been interspersing older missionary stories from my life with new ones 😊. Here’s another (shorter) one from May 1998 that causes my heart to praise Jesus afresh! 


Hearing the demanding rings of the telephone, I move hurriedly across the room to answer. On the other end is the excited voice of Andrea, a young woman who has been enduring serious health problems. She tells me that she had gone out into the jungle to “end her sufferings.” She felt that her painful struggle had become too much to endure.

She looked up from what she was about to do, and saw a huge man dressed all in white watching her. This stopped her in her tracks!

Without harming herself, she made her way back home. That night He appeared to her again in a dream. He told her not to fear because He was with her. He assured her tenderly that she was precious to Him.

Andrea is so joyful, telling me how the Lord saved her. She is alive and well today to share her story with us. The One who loves her more than His own life made sure of that!


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