A Protected Family and Two Frustrated Thieves

Amazonian Wednesdays 🌴

Palmir and her granddaughter

I am blessed all over again, remembering and sharing with you this testimony from June of last year:


“Mom! Mom! My motorcycle is gone! It’s been stolen!” Rosita’s voice rose shrilly in tones of panic. Her bike was her only mode of transportation. She had slaved so hard, for so long, to buy it. Now, someone had taken it from her. An ugly sense of violation shot through her entire being.

Anguished tears filled her eyes. She turned to her mother, Palmir. Her mom was a pillar of faith. “Let’s pray, honey,” exclaimed Palmir. They grabbed hands, squeezing their eyes shut with intense focus. “Lord, we ask that You move in that thief’s heart right now! Let him abandon Rosita’s motorcycle immediately! In JESUS’ name!”

The next moment, Rosita jumped on a taxi. She gave the driver instructions to take her to the police station. She was going to report the theft. After a few minutes, however, it became clear that the driver had chosen a very strange route. Instead of going the shortest distance, he was already several blocks out of the way.

Rosita was looking around, confused. Where was he going? Suddenly, she spotted something that made her heart skip a beat. Adrenalin pumping, she cried, “Stop! Stop here!” She had just spotted her motorcycle.

She bolted out of the taxi and ran to it. It was parked by the side of the road. She walked all around it, in wonder. It was in perfect condition, not a part missing. The thief was gone. He had done exactly what Palmir asked, and deserted the bike! Then the Holy Spirit had arranged for the taxi driver to take this strange, out-of-the-way route. He made sure Rosita found the motorcycle exactly where the thief left it. What amazing orchestration!

Palmir joyfully reported this testimony to us. She added, “You know what else? I need to keep bragging on Jesus. My business was in serious danger very recently. A competitor was well positioned politically to steal one of my main contracts. It was about to happen.

“I turned to the Lord in heartfelt prayer. And somehow, unexplainably, they couldn’t do it! So remarkable was this, that it turned the heads of people in my industry. They were exclaiming, ‘How is it that they can’t take your business?’ There was no natural explanation for it. God gets all the glory. He protected what He has given me!”

With that, she handed us an envelope. It was her tithe. There’s something special about this. Very few of our people have been able to give much financially. The pandemic has caused a widespread loss of jobs and income in Peru. Multitudes are fighting to survive. So her loyal, generous giving back to the Lord was quite remarkable.

During a time when our economy is suffering painfully, Palmir is flourishing. For this reason, she is determined. She is going to be lavish with God, no matter what. How could she do anything less, when He has been so faithful to her and her family?

I believe that the Lord wants to encourage you today with this story. Even in the hardest of times, He has plans to protect and prosper you. We stand together in faith, looking to the One who loves us more than anything. 


P.S. Book launch coming soon!

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