The Overwhelmingly Mighty Force at Your Disposal

Light in tree

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good” (Rom. 12:21, ESV).

For Force A to overcome Force B, Force A must be stronger than Force B. Does evil seem like a powerful force in the world around you? We learn from this verse that it’s actually the weaker force. Good is so overwhelmingly mighty that it overcomes evil. Every time. Overcome the weaker force with the greater. “Overcome evil with good.”

Try this. Go into a dark room. Flip on the light switch. Is there any way the darkness can argue? “No, I don’t want to leave?” Can it linger? Can it protest? Can it resist? No way! Light comes in, and there is simply no more darkness. In the same way, when good comes into the scene, evil is eradicated.

How does this apply in a practical sense? Plug in specific terms into this verse, terms that relate to whatever circumstance you are facing:

  • Overcome anger by living out forgiveness.
  • Overcome judgment by living out mercy.
  • Overcome betrayal by living out covenant loyalty.
  • Overcome selfishness by living out sacrificial love.

Whatever the particular brand of evil, the corresponding good is ALWAYS more powerful. Always.

Overcome evil with good.


How have you seen good overcome evil in your own life?

10 thoughts on “The Overwhelmingly Mighty Force at Your Disposal

  1. Mornin’, Jennifer.
    The Holy Ghost gave you this for me, at least for one, this morning. I have been struggling with bitterness at two board members of our HOA (Home Owners’ Association) who for some reason do not want me to sit on the board. Actually, I did not want to join, but felt prompted in prayer to put my name up for election. Of the seven-member board, three were stepping down after several years of service, and I offered in order to do good for the neighborhood.
    For some reason, two of the board members are trying to keep me from serving based on an incorrect reading of our home “ownership.” But last night and today, I have been hearing from the Lord to not even allow bitterness to be expressed, but to genuinely love the board member who don’t want me to serve.
    “Serve” is the key word! A servant does not argue or fight to do his job. He does what those he serves tells him to do.
    So at the first meeting of the board next Tuesday evening, I will offer my resignation if that is what the board wants, and humbly step aside to show by testimony that Jesus is teaching me to be a true servant.
    Maybe this was the lesson Father wanted me to learn all along. 😌
    ❤️& 🙏, c.a.

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      1. Not a problem! It seems like any hostility was washed away even before the meeting began!! The HOA board member who was trying to prevent me from serving just accepted that I was there to serve, and my “membership” never even came up.
        And since none of the other four eligible to be Secretary wanted the job, they even voted unanimously for me to serve as the recorder. 😁

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      2. Then, as I prayed last night, I was overwhelmed with how GREAT the I AM is, and wondered how big a deal we make of such tiny issues. But we must serve wherever He leads us, and clearly He is leading me to this. Keep me in your prayers, I covet them. You are in mine.
        ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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  2. Love this thought of switching on the light. I wonder though if that light shines brightest in our praying with each other, boasting in our weakness and confessing our sins openly before one another. I am watching that strip so much fear and shame in my family members and friends (and myself 😊). Reminds me of the verse that’s been reverberating in me:

    Jesus answered them, “This is the work of God, that you are persuaded by [HELPS Word Studies] and are entrusted with [Strong’s Concordance] him whom he has sent.”

    John 6:29 with alternate meanings added from:

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