Joyful Anticipation of Daddy’s Answer

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Daddy hug

“‘Where is your faith?’ he asked his disciples. In fear and amazement they asked one another, ‘Who is this? He commands even the winds and the water, and they obey him’” (Luke 8:25, NIV).

Recently, we had some wonderful friends visiting from the United States. They had heard what a spectacular view of the stars can be had out at our Missions School campus at night… that is, when the clouds aren’t hiding them. Our School is outside of the city, meaning no light pollution whatsoever diminishes the extravagantly beautiful artwork Daddy God has hung in the sky.

These friends of ours took the trip out there, expectant. To their disappointment, it was an overcast night. My mother-in-law, Mama Carmen, saw the look in their faces. “Would you like to see the stars? Okay! Let’s pray!” She grabbed their hands and began to address the Lord of the universe with joyful anticipation. “Father, our dear friends want to see the stars. Would you please move the clouds out of the way?” After this simple prayer, she confidently assured them. “You’ll see!”

A short while later, the stars were out in all their magnificence.

Daddy told me to share this story with you. He wants to encourage your heart today. What is the desire of your heart? Ask Him with the simple, expectant confidence of a little child leaning into the chest of the Daddy that loves her more than anything.

“Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete” (John 16:24, NIV).


Do you pray with joyful antipation of the manifest goodness of Daddy God?

12 thoughts on “Joyful Anticipation of Daddy’s Answer

  1. He is so sweet to us – as just after reading this, a devotional dropped into my inbox about spiritual abuse as a child and the focus was: “It’s not your fault.” and to receive God’s compassion for you. He knows just what we need to hear. I left my home country as that 19 year old because I was fleeing spiritual abuse- and I am still healing: 22 years later. There are so many areas of my life, faith and trust that are still in need of God’s healing touch. Oh may I learn to receive His gentle and patient love for me.

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    1. Oops: just see it only has the end of my comment; and like this it doesn’t even make sense 😅. I was saying this post made me cry as I realized I was like your visitors: in need of someone to say: but do you realize how awesome your God is and just how much He loves you. This isn’t too big for Him – it is for you in your own strength, but God’s got you, Anna!

      I am (re-)learning to drive 21 years after first getting my licence in my country of birth. I am now 41 on the other side of the world. I had a really hard lesson today that left me in tears (and included a panic attack where I had to stop the car and park to tell my instructor I needed a moment: he was in awe of how well I did that stopping and parking 😅: I told him it was a miracle – and I know it was God watching over me and helping me take ahold of His grace for me). God asked me to do this (get my licence) – so He will make a Way where there seems to be no way through (just as He did with my theory exam).

      But as my Dad said: sometimes we need others to believe for us, when our own faith is waivering: thank you sister Carmen and sister Jennifer- oh how I needed this reminder of God’s delight in doing the impossible to awe us and shower us in His love.

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  2. I love that simple prayer! It reminds me of the prayer in the movie “God’s Not Dead” where the pastor’s friend prays a super short prayer for his car to start and the pastor asks, “Is that it?” But when he turns the key – what do you know it starts!

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  3. Oh wow! This has spiritual significance too!!! Moving the clouds (of our doubt and our pride) to SEE and celebrate the stars (the children of God – including the Prodigals- arising in our midst as our eyes open to look upon and affirm Jesus in them).

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  4. Jennifer, In my undergrad days, I was an astronomy/physics major, so you can imagine the chord this story struck with me. I’m thankful to the Lord for answering the prayer of your mother-in-law for your friends’ sakes–and also for His own sake!

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