Ears Wide Open

Why do we so often pour the focus and energy of our lives into what does not satisfy? Holy Spirit gently and lovingly asks us this question. He then invites us into an infinitely superior alternative: learn to listen closely to His voice… and come alive! I pray that He would minister life and peace to your heart as you tune in here:

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Why are we humans so prone to try stuffing our souls with what does not provide lasting satisfaction? Have you discovered personally how satisfying listening to God is? If so, how did you make that discovery?

4 thoughts on “Ears Wide Open

  1. What an amazing Hebrew meaning. Thank you so much for sharing. It fits so beautifully with what God gave me for my day a few weeks ago. He told me to “tune into My frequency, Anna”.

    I was like, hmmm. What do You mean with that. It’s then He began to show me that His frequency was silence, stillness, rest. I didn’t even realize I had begun to anxiously cling to Him, afraid He was about to ditch me because I had “failed” Him.

    As I took Him up on that invitation into the silence, it meant letting go of my daily habit of praying through a Scripture verse (from my Bible app) to instead sit with Him and ask Him to give me a personal Word instead. Wow: how deeply He met me, taking me from one Bible verse to another, as I then found myself waking me up at night to hear Him speak Scriptures over me and sing over me (hymns I sung as a little girl). It took me back to when He first carried me back home as His little lost lamb eight years ago and that was what our relationship was like. Me so secure in His love for me and with ears wide open and a heart so hungry for His every Word.

    He’s getting me back to that place – setting boundaries in place to shut out the noise and reawaken my hunger and thirst.

    As to your questions:

    Why are we humans so prone to try stuffing our souls with what does not provide lasting satisfaction?

    I think it’s condemnation – the enemy’s accusations day and night against us – that gets us going there. Interestingly, as God uncovered my own clinging in anxiety and my fear of Him ditching me, He reminded me of His Word in Revelations that had had me crying and crying recently. He said to me, “Anna, one day they will know that I have loved you through my repeated discipline of you. For, it is my discipline that has been so very painful for you that in fact proves my deep love for you and one day those who cannot yet see that, will see My love for you too: they won’t look down at you in disgust, but will look up into your face and see just how deeply I have loved you and how deeply you have loved them through each surrender.”

    Have you discovered personally how satisfying listening to God is?

    Yes, so much so. And I love that God keeps teaching me more and more about listening (also through your blog).

    If so, how did you make that discovery?

    I can’t remember when I first made that discovery, but as a little girl I hung on God’s every Word to me. I spent hours listening to Him and loved to be alone with Him and to dance and sing with Him. But when I was nine, something unfolded (and stayed) that shook my trust to the core and I began to doubt God’s gentle Voice speaking inside of me, seeing it as “wrong” and “evil”. I shut my ears, believing God was shutting His ears to me.

    Then, in 2014 (more than twenty years later), the Holy Spirit descended upon me in power, repeatedly and overwhelmed me with the love and peace of God at one of the most painful times in my life. He opened my ears to hear Him and ever since He’s been healing my heart and restoring that trust that was broken. He has been taking me through similar (painful) experiences to show me how present He is to me in ALL circumstances, and He is empowering me to perservere, rooting me deeply in His love. It astounds me now to see how He is redeeming the years – bringing beauty from ashes – and how necessary even those twenty plus years of believing He had abandoned me were to prepare me for now – to continually remind me how very faithful our God is in our faithlessness, because He can never disown Himself in us.

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    1. His healing process is so, SO beautiful and faithful, it continually stirs awe in my heart to hear of how He does it in my brothers and sisters, and of course, to witness it in my own heart and life! Thank you so much for sharing dear Anna ❤️


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