She Was Emaciated and Out of Her Mind. Jesus Made Her Whole!

Amazonian Wednesdays 🌴

A Testimony from January 2022

Melissa’s precious daughter Luciana lay in the hospital bed, unmoving. She had lain there for three months, wasting away to skin and bone. The doctors had not been able to find any explainable cause for her condition. One of them came into the room. “I’m so sorry,” he said gently. “She is going to die. There is nothing we can do.”

Several months prior, Luciana had gotten into some very dark spiritual practices. Mysteriously, three of the classmates who were in with her on consulting a Ouija board, died suddenly. They were all young teenagers. Luciana herself fell terribly ill and went out of her mind. She began to babble incoherently, mumbling about her “friends” from 300 years ago. She stopped eating. Soon afterwards, she was hospitalized.

Now, all hope seemed gone completely. The doctors gave her skeletal body back to her mother to await her death at home. That day, a trusted neighbor came to the house. “Your daughter can be restored,” she urged. “You need to get her to church. I know of one where the sick get healed.” The neighbor gave her contact information for our church.

Almost immediately, Melissa managed to get Luciana to one of our corporate fasts. That very day, Melissa was baptized. We walked her through forgiveness of those that had wounded her and her family. We then ministered to Luciana. The power of God hit her. Jesus set her free from the spiritual oppression that had nearly snuffed out her life. Her sanity returned to her, and she began to converse normally. Soon, she was asking for food.

This was a few months ago. Luciana did not die. She lives, for the glory of Jesus! She is getting stronger and healthier every day. I am grateful to serve the God who still restores broken lives today!

27 thoughts on “She Was Emaciated and Out of Her Mind. Jesus Made Her Whole!

  1. Healing power of religion is true. Healing begins as soon as you realise in darkness that god is with you . You show signs of improvement the moment you believe in god . Your blog is cristal clear. It has deeper impact on people.

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  2. What a powerful story! What I love most about it is the way God’s kindness and healing is giving so freely, even when it was our choices that got us to these broken places. Thank you for being such a faithful worker – and storyteller – of His hope.

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    1. Praising Him with you, Annie! And boy, it sure is. We are quite aware of it here in the Amazon Jungle, as it tends to be pretty overt. Jesus WINS, every time!! We glory in the victory that He already won once for all over it all, praises to His name forever! (Slower replies right now, as we are hosting missions teams from the U.S. through August.) Sending you love, grace, and peace in abundance today!


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