Overcoming Prayer ADHD

It’s audio devo day!

When it comes to spending time in prayer, do you struggle to concentrate? There is real hope for you! In this week’s episode, we discuss strategies for sharpening our focus on God’s voice. Your Abba has something very special, very personal for you today; be expectant as you tune in here:


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Do you have any helpful hints to share, for growing in focus during our prayer and listening times? What has worked best for you?

20 thoughts on “Overcoming Prayer ADHD

  1. Some years ago I personally found the idea of holding (like rosary beans} a loop of interlocked beads divided by large ones. I asked God to Lead me by His spirit and I prayed As He led ,through sections He had designated ie World, Family, Church, personal .There was repentence and accepted forgiveness, but the focus was on Christ and His Spirit’s Leading in All prayers.
    Your comment above has inspired me to find again this resource, Prayer is still totally free but holding something aided me not to be distracted by externals but to remain in the Spirit Led sacred. Blessings! ps I am not a catholic.

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  2. One thing that helped was when I signed up for a prayer chain at church. It was a small church. The obje give was to prayer every hour for 24,hours for one straight week. Being that it was a small church, some had to sign up for two one hour slots. Some even more. I signed up one hour in morning one hour in afternoon. Never had did something like this before.

    I urge every reader to try this. You will be amazed at results. Let your goal be one hour.
    What I learned: the clear distinction between praying with the mind versus praying by the spirit. First couple of days, I remember after ten mins or so running out of things to pray for…at that point I just opened my Bible and began Reading Psalms out loud and walking as I read. God definitely responds to those who are committed to growing in Him in any area.

    First few days, you really get to see and comprehend just how much we use the mind to pray- cause we are thinking about what we are going to pray for before we even begin, and who we are going to pray for…but when you have to pray for one hour straight that lists runs out quickly. And the 45mins left seems like forever.

    But on the third or fourth day, I remember something special happening- the moment when THE MIND TURNED OFF and THE HOLY SPIRIT TURNED ON. It was exactly like turning on/off a light switch. Once the Holy Spirit takes over..your not thinking ..Cause the HOLY SPIRIT is guiding you along and the needs of who and what needs to be prayed for begins to flow out in a constant beautiful flowing stream … there isn’t any looking ay the clock every ten mins. I remember like around day five or six, going over the hour and literally being surprised ‘wow, an hour already!!’ Thank you sister for another great post to help us grow in God.

    One more thing: What helps as well is to begin adding details, specific ones, let the holy spirit guide you .there are no walls, creativity is His. Your circle will begin small, perhaps a few family members, a few neighbors, but your circle will continue to grow..wider, wider, and wider…until God grows and instills the faith in you to enable u to pray for your entire blocks, neighborhood, community, city, from one highway to the other highway, all houses in between, one district, one region, your county, to all counties within your state, to all states within your country, to a continent, to all continents..amen, HALLELUYAH!! God is the glue that holds us together, may HE ADD HIS SUPERNATURAL FIREPOWER TO YOUR PRAYER LIFE IN JESUS NAME TODAY, AMEN.

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      1. No sister, thank you! And let us thank God for without Him none of the work we do would be possible. Just last night I was telling someone about the comment you left that ‘blew my mind!’ It had never occurred to me before. The comment regarding the observation when it comes to giving things out for free ‘that they are not stewarded’ as well as when there is a price. To which my friend replied ‘wow, she had to get that from experience” To which we both said ‘yep’. And furthermore, I know it was God working through you to provide that answer. Because of that answer, I can actually move forward with publishing what I have always wanted to and more importantly in ‘good faith’. Amen, and thank you so much as well. God bless.


      2. Slow reply because I hit an extra busy streak with ministry and family stuff — but Wow! You have no idea how much joy it just now brought to my spirit to read this, Ben. Just, so much. I am actually copying and pasting what you shared into a note I keep on my phone to encourage myself with, because that’s how much it means to know you were blessed so much. Thank You Abba Father! We do thank Him together and praise His wonderful name! May His rich, abundant blessing and grace and joy be on your work as you move forward with what He has put on your heart!

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  3. Begin using street numbers, get a map, pray for each street in your neighborhood, pray out loud, pray for public schools, private, for every position within that school, for every floor, for curriculum, pray over every child, every detail of the building, the workers, professional and home life, use directional terms..north south, east, west, utilize longitude, latitude, bodies of water, nature, animals, species, degrees, even numbers, odd numbers, the possibilities are endless..God grant you vision, sight, hearing, and may He fine tune your capacities to pray by the HOLY SPIRIT IN JESUS NAME WE PRAY, AMEN.

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      1. I cannot take credit- ALL the thanks to God for leading me in prayer and providing me the opportunity to grow in faith. A few years ago there was absolutely no way I could pray for an entire city, or state, or a specific region and actually believe it would come to pass. It’s taken a lot of work, a lot of praying, a lot of hands on experience-working one on one with the Holy Ghost. God will equip any sincere heart that is humble and willing to serve.

        + One more thing Id like to share that I hope will open up the doors of HOLY SPIRIT CREATIVITY:

        When praying think in terms of networks. As God grows your faith, networks are important. What kind of network. Think of a mail man. As he comes to your door every day you can pray over them and place a blessing of favor, of grace, of healing, or whatever the Holy Spirit places in your heart… but not merely for him/her.. for that mail man to carry EXACTLY like the mail. And for that blessing to be dispered and shared across and into every home, every street, that he/she goes to, travels upon.

        Think about distribution centers- like main hubs- and their networks and facilities. We can actually go to the Hub, post offices have hubs, then visualize that network that touches every area of our nation and other nations. Truck drivers, the big rigs… place a blessing upon their cargo, and that the blessing be carried on the freeway, every lane of travel, every stop, every street, every company, PLACE A SUPERNATURAL HOLY SPIRIT BLESSING ONBOARD..!! SOMEBODY SAY AMEN! When God started leading the way in this type of prayer.. I was blown away, THANK YOU JESUS!


      1. Okay my dear sister. I just finished the message, and all I can say is Wow. I will be reposting your Overcoming Prayer ADHD and adding this message below it. As well as adding here, in hopes it blesses many.

        Feeding Off Of Jesus- While learning how to build TOGETHER

        Normally when meeting such brothers and sisters, it becomes apparent and undeniable that they are children of God, for the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD testifies inside our spirits and confirms it. We gain those wonderful experiences and moments- that although we have not spoken, that we remain aligned in His Will – because the same message is being focused upon or shared at the same time. This is God. We are blessed by it. We are strengthened. I am always wowed by these moments.

        What happens next?
        Is that all that supposed to happen?

        Very recently, God has been leading me to focus on discovering more about these spiritual relationships. These brothers and sisters have been strategically placed in our lives for a DIVINE REASON. No doubt to set our hearts on fire for Him, and to encourage us, and vice versa… but it does deeper than this, and this is where God is leading……this is the message I’ve been trying to share for the last two days, but I’ve allowed a busy schedule to keep it at bay.

        The other night, as soon as I read your comment.. I felt the message being put together and formed even more. But because I was so weary and tired, I could not grasp it in it’s entirety. Here are some quick notes: And wait until you read it….

        ‘Repost Jennifer’s message- Prayer ADHD, create a new prayer list for second half of 2022 may- dec, these brothers and sisters are essential, it’s essential to network with them, to continue reaching out to them, because they have been strategically placed in our lives by God, they set our hearts on fire for God even more, those that we find are in perfect alignment at the same time we are- with the exact same message- , this happens for a reason- ‘WE FEED OFF EACH OTHER- FEEDING OFF OF JESUS’.

        And as I wrote that last line, I was like wow… yep! How great God is. Feeding off of Jesus.

        So, I have a multiple prayers list, but I created a new one. You’ve been added. For this specific reason. And I ask you if the Holy Spirit moves you to, to please add me to yours. Second observation- what was the message ? It was about PRAYER! Was it not?

        Which brings us back to the questions:

        What happens next?
        Is that all that supposed to happen?

        No, God wants us to serve Him to the best of our abilities- as a family of brothers and sisters. And He brings to mind our tendencies to ‘have these experiences of DIVINE ALIGNMENT’ with our fellow brothers and sisters, and then we gain the fire, the courage, but then we move on- why? Well, we obviously move on to do His Will.. But we also move on, because – why spend valuable time with a brother or sister that already knows God, right?
        When there are soooo many out there drowning……So we prioritize, we understand that ‘they are going to be okay…’

        God wants us to work together more… it doesn’t have to be integrating our missions, duties, or responsibilities, but in the very least BY PRAYER. By taking a MEASURE OF CONTINUED ACTION TO FOCUS UPON THEM AND THEIR CONTINUED PROGRESS, by not allowing these DIVINE STEPS TO SPIRITUAL SUCCESS slip through our fingers. I don’t know where God is leading, but I want to find out.

        As I write this- I am still trying to put the message ‘all together’, because I know God is saying more than PRAYER. But I want to be certain I am relaying the message correctly, so He had me stop and think about those moments in my life when I’ve had these ‘divine alignment experiences’. I can say that currently right now I have (2 brothers and 1 sister- yourself), in which this is frequently occurring with. And you are aware of this- because when it happens that I go to your site, and it’s been months that have passed by and but nevertheless on that same day you are sharing the exact same message- I COMMENT ABOUT it, to let you know cause it leaves me in utter amazement.

        Bottom line- if we listen to the leading of the HOLY SPIRIT- and we connect with these brothers and sisters more often- it will lead to AN INCREASE OF GOD’S WILL IN OUR LIVES. There will be AN EMPOWERMENT TO SERVE, it will broaden our capacity, by an amplification and magnification of God’s Divine Transformation POWER.

        In closing, I had to ask myself- are there any brothers and sister in which you listened and went beyond the surface of the momentary encouragement? If so, who came to mind?

        One brother did. A man I met while working at a company doing IT Networking. We enjoyed casual talk because we always talked about God. And when we did speak, we were always aligned. Same scripture. Same message. Turns out he was a Pastor and still is. The employer had a massive lay off and our immediate contact ended. Time went on..but he was forgotten. I would visit from time to time his congregation. But that was only once a year if that. I would set them on fire when I would visit, and the congregation would do the same for me.

        But guess what? God confirmed this message is ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

        A few years went by.. maybe like five.. with this visiting once a year or so, and that being that. A momentary encouragement. Then moving on. Until I found myself, regularly attending. I love small churches where everybody knows your name. Eventually, this lead me to one of the greatest periods of time in my life- doing some apostleship work from town to town. Just me and God. IT was incredible! I witnessed miracles every single day.. day after day, I called it- having a FREE FRONT ROW SEAT to the GREATEST SHOW IN THE UNIVERSE- ALMIGHTY GOD.

        But- take notice- why this all happened- which up to this moment I HAD NOT.

        It all started by keeping those ‘BROTHERS AND SISTERS THAT GOD HAS DIVINELY ORDAINED IN YOUR LIFE CLOSE TO YOU- BY KEEPING UP WITH THEM. By looking after them. Their mission. By contributing.’

        Before God led me on the solo apostleship- I had begun PHYSICALLY WORKING ON THE CHURCH. I needed more, and therefore wanted to contribute more. I began doing whatever needed to be done. From my own wallet. Painting, sanding, cutting the yard, replacing a door, and going to service. THIS LEAD TO AN INCREASE LIKE NEVER BEFORE IN MY LIFE. This led to an explosion in the HOLY GHOST. There were times when me and the pastor thought differently, and this is still the case. But I wasn’t there to serve Him, I was there to serve Christ, and I HAD TO LOOK PAST OUR DIFFERENCES- TO SEE THE OVERALL MOST IMPORTANT THING- DOING THE WILL OF OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN.


        GOD came through! As He always does-

        Psalms 37:4

        Delight in the Lord in all that you do, and HE HIMSELF WILL GIVE YOU THE DESIRES OF YOUR HEART.

        {End of Message}

        Please add me to your prayer list, my dear sister in Christ. I know you are located in a different region of the world. But that matter not. This is called -WORLDWIDE MINISTRY-, can somebody same AMEN!!!


        Let us pray- for the continued development of these spiritual relationships, and for God to continue convicting and leading our hearts in Jesus Mighty name, amen.

        Divine Spiritual Relationships Check List

        1. Keep in touch
        2. Make/Create a specific prayer list- with just these brothers and sisters on it.
        3. God – wants to build us, add to us, through these relationships. To make us more well rounded.
        4. They will have pieces of God’s Wisdom, that we do not have, never even knew or thought of, and vice versa, which once gained are monumental in increasing our faith and abilities in serving Christ. Think about it, we are all ‘pieces’ as it explains in God’s Word. We are all ‘one part’ of the entire body. All parts are essential to the function of the entire living body.
        5. Be prepared- I say it again- BE PREPARED.

        Difficulties will arise, for how can they not when two hearts are set on fire to serve God, this is going to happen. We want the best for Christ, but we are imperfect, we grow cold or have a fallen away during a period of time, or we encounter a spiritual attack from the enemy to disrupt and bring and end to these divine spiritual relationships. If you don’t see eye to eye, and a time has arrived you must place distance between you because it’s Gods Will, do so.. but don’t forget about them. They are not the enemy. That’s just what the enemy wants you to think. Revisit them. Look after them. We RISE over all things- by standing TOGETHER IN CHRIST UNITED IN HIM, in Jesus name, Amen.

        ** A special thank you to our dear sister in Christ – Ms.Jennifer Arimborgo. Thank you, for without God and you, none of this would be possible. Without God, AND ALL those others brothers and sisters we have met along the way, none of this would be possible. We thank you Jennifer for all your daily work, sacrifices, and determination to serve Christ and allowing us to be part of that with you. God enrich you more than ever, in Jesus name, Amen. **

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      2. Good evening my dear brother Ben 🙂 It brings me joy to read about your spiritual fervor and passion. I know that if it brings joy to my heart, it must light up the heart of our Father far beyond what we could imagine! I am so honored that you would keep me in your regular prayers. And yes, I will most gladly pray for you too. Doing so in this very moment! Please do feel free to let me know if you have specific prayer requests that I could lift up. The richest of blessings to you today!

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      3. * private note to be deleted* – i went back and corrected my misspelling of Arimborgo on my site. Please edit my commentary post here. I dont want to misspell your name. God bless.

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