The Resource of Your Attention

“Set your mind and keep focused habitually on the things above [the heavenly things]…” (Col. 3:2, AMP).

Today, let’s ponder together on the topic of our most valuable life resources. I imagine that you have oftentimes heard “money, time, and energy” listed in this category. Here’s a thought. What about adding to this list the precious resource of our attention?

Yes, our attention. Just how costly is this commodity? Well, consider the last time you went to a restaurant or had a meal with someone. Did they refrain from getting on their phone during your time together? Let’s think about both possible answers to that question. If they did not refrain, and were frequently distracted by incoming beeps and messages, how did you feel? On the other hand, if they put their phone on silent and put it upside down or away so they could completely focus on visiting with you, what did that feel like?

Those two possible emotions are completely opposite from each other, aren’t they? This clues us into something very important. The Continue reading The Resource of Your Attention