Weeping with Holy Spirit

“Jesus wept” (John 11:35, ESV).

I have a friend who is probably the most courageous person I know. She flew last week into Poland, not far from Ukraine. She went on a mission to minister to traumatized refugees fleeing from the war. Yesterday she posted this:

“Working with a family in a transition center. Mom could not bring herself to leave her two draft age sons alone in Ukraine. Dad could not stand the thought of his two teenage girls being victims of sexual war crimes if they stayed in Ukraine. So, these parents made a terrible, pain infused decision. Dad took the two girls across the border and mom stayed with her two soldier boys, one of which has already been shot.”

She ministered to those two girls, just being present with them in their pain. She sat with them and listened. She discovered that one of them played the flute, and invited her to play. She was able to share a video of this precious young woman expressing herself on her instrument with a haunting melody.

As I watched and listened, tears welled up in my eyes. I felt Holy Spirit’s emotions in connection to this family’s suffering. I stopped, and gave space to what was stirring inside of me. I prayed until the burden lifted.

Do you find yourself experiencing something similar when you are exposed to stories coming out of the war zone? Those deep emotions of compassion that you feel are God’s own. Right now, He is hurting with the hurting. He is weeping with those who weep. If you make yourself available, He will move through you in this way: “Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words” (Rom. 8:26, ESV).

This is what Jesus experienced at Lazarus’ tomb. He wept with the sisters that He so loved, feeling their pain. Then, “…again groaning in Himself, came to the tomb” (John 11:35,38, NKJV). Power was released as He gave space to Holy Spirit’s groanings. We all know the end of the story.

Do you know that power is released when you allow Holy Spirit to pray through you, too, in this way? His prayers through you are ministering to someone in the world. As you make space for responding to His intercession, real change is happening for a precious individual that He loves enough to give His life for.

Are you available?


Do you believe that your prayers make a difference in what is happening right now in Ukraine?


17 thoughts on “Weeping with Holy Spirit

  1. Thank you for sharing this post. It is so beneficial to hear the voice of TRUTH resonating from the centre of heartache. Groaning in the Spirit and prayers begin to have faces. Intercessory prayer needs only God’s Direction but reality enforces its Calling.

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  2. I have been deeply emotional just recently, moved to tears by the big things, yes, but by little things too. I have not understood it. I am not a person who cries a lot. I have been praying to see as Jesus sees, and to have greater compassion. After all these years of following Jesus, I have never understood until I read your post this morning why this deep emotion is happening. Jesus is graciously answering my prayers. These tears are His tears. And through my tears I praise Him for that gift – and for you and your wisdom, Jennifer, and your faithfulness as you hold the Christ-light high for us to see more clearly who Jesus is. Thank you.

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    1. Mandy, wow. Your comment just means so much to me. I am going to copy and paste it into a place where I save words that touch my heart. I am so profoundly grateful that this post helped you so much. All praises to Jesus together, my precious sister! How absolutely beautiful that He has been answering your prayers this way. Sending you so many blessings on your journey of feeling His heart for the hurting!


  3. Excellent post. I think it’s impossible to see real time pictures of war on our devices and screens every day and not be affected. My heart breaks for the pain that these people are enduring. Like you, I am praying for peace to return to Ukraine and for the hostilities to cease.

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