Weeping with Holy Spirit

“Jesus wept” (John 11:35, ESV).

I have a friend who is probably the most courageous person I know. She flew last week into Poland, not far from Ukraine. She went on a mission to minister to traumatized refugees fleeing from the war. Yesterday she posted this:

“Working with a family in a transition center. Mom could not bring herself to leave her two draft age sons alone in Ukraine. Dad could not stand the thought of his two teenage girls being victims of sexual war crimes if they stayed in Ukraine. So, these parents made a terrible, pain infused decision. Dad took the two girls across the border and mom stayed with her two soldier boys, one of which has already been shot.”

She ministered to those two girls, just being present with them in their pain. She sat with them and listened. She discovered that one of them played the flute, and invited her to play. She was able to share a video of this precious young woman expressing herself Continue reading Weeping with Holy Spirit