Little Miracles

That smile!

“Even before they call, I will answer; while they are still speaking, I will hear” (Isa. 65:24, CSB).

“Mom, have you seen my ring?” my daughter Ester messaged me. “No, honey,” was my reply. A short while later, she came into my room, grinning. “After looking around, I asked Jesus to help me find it. As soon as I did, I found it in my purse. He answered me immediately!” She looked surprised and pleased by how quickly His answer came.

The next day, she was trying to find our new kitten. He wasn’t in any of the places he would normally be. After a bit, she came into my room with that same big smile. “I asked God to help me find him. The very next moment, I did.”

The next day… you guessed it. It happened again. The Lord helped her find a third missing treasure the very moment she asked Him. “I’m starting to default to asking Him right away!” she observed happily.

What happened a couple days later was even more remarkable. “Mom!” she exclaimed. “My water bottle was empty. I went upstairs to put my powdered drink mix into it. I was looking into the bottle, noticing how empty it was. I was wishing I had remembered to put a little bit of water at the bottom before heading up to where I keep the drink mix. (I like to do that so it dissolves into a bit of water, before I add the ice),” she explained.

She continued with excitement, “As I walked upstairs gazing into the bottom of the bottle with this wistful thought, water starting appearing there! I thought my eyes were playing a trick on me, but they weren’t. By the time I got upstairs, my bottle had exactly the amount I would have put into it, if I had not forgotten to do so!”

She was puzzling over this, trying to figure out why God would have done such a thing when she didn’t even specifically ask Him to. I smiled and enjoyed her response. It was one of those special moments to tuck away in our hearts, moments that remind us that our Daddy is paying attention to every tiny detail that is important to us.

He knows what we need before we even say anything to Him. Today’s beautiful verse from Isaiah says that He answers before we even call to Him. He wants to reassure us today. Although there are so many difficult affairs that you and I are grappling with right now, Immanuel is here. He cares immensely. He is involved in absolutely everything that we care about. And all along the path of life, He finds ways to make sure we know.


Have you felt God smiling on you recently in a special way? I’d love to hear about it 🙂


6 thoughts on “Little Miracles

    1. Yes! You are absolutely right about that, Barb; you hit it exactly on the nose. It really is a gift beyond compare. Always reminds me of John’s words, “I have no greater joy than this…” Receiving those hugs gratefully and returning them!

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  1. Sometimes HIS answers are immediate and sometimes we have to wait. My son just moved home again after quitting his job in Lake Havasu, AZ. So we had been praying together for another job opportunity up here where we live South of Phoenix. He arrived on Wednesday and yesterday he started in a new job. He actually had 3 interviews right away. GOD answered immediately and even in abundance since he had 3 job offers to choose from!! GOD knows exactly what we need and when we need. We need to come boldly to HIS throne of Grace daily and know that HE cares for us down to the last detail!! Blessings to you.

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  2. Beautiful way of Gods provision. I read earlier on a friends fb page about paying attention to Gods little provisions and here I am reading the same. I love how God speaks to us!

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