God’s You-Tailored Communication

Old Treasures on Tuesdays!

“Jesus said to her, ‘Mary!’” (John 20:16a, NKJV)

Jesus met Mary in her pain, calling out her name in healing, loving tones. God knows and tenderly speaks your name too. He is watching you right now with a smile of delight. He loves it that you want to know more about Him. He is an incredibly personal God.

At the same time, He is so enormous that He fills the universe. Heaven is His throne and this massive planet on which we live is merely His footstool. He knew that we could not relate to Him at His level. So, through the incarnation, He came to ours.

He made Himself accessible to us when He took on a human body. He wanted us to know how available, how reachable He is. Just as a gentle father simplifies his vocabulary so his small child can grasp what he is saying, God knows how to communicate with us exactly where we are at. And He delights in doing so!

Our level

Jesus speaks the language of your heart. He knows you better than you know yourself, and He will always make sure and connect with you in a way that you will be able to understand.

A friend of mine is a musician. God gave her a dream about a guitar case. That symbol, close to her heart, was something to which she could easily relate. Another friend is an enthusiastic aficionado of all things Disney. Holy Spirit gave her a dream that took place at Disneyworld. She quickly knew exactly what lesson He was conveying to her through this picture. The interpretation came without difficulty because of how familiar the imagery was.

Daddy God will always take the initiative with you. Even now, He is actively pursuing your heart. Relax… and enjoy His delight in you! Rest in the knowledge that He will speak to you in a way both deeply meaningful and profoundly personal. He will meet you right where you are.

“Lord, you have examined me, and you know me. You alone know when I sit down and when I get up. You read my thoughts from far away. You watch me when I travel and when I rest. You are familiar with all my ways. Where can I go… from your Spirit?” (Ps. 139:1-3, 7a, GWT)


Has God communicated with your heart recently in a way that made you smile because it was so personal?

8 thoughts on “God’s You-Tailored Communication

  1. Amen. As to your question:
    On Saturday, I bumped into the husband of someone who I love dearly, but whom God cut me off from (for good reason). I was upset at myself for being so deeply affected, for not being able to stop crying, as I felt her loss so deeply. So, I went to the forest to pray, asking my husband to watch the kids.

    As I asked Him for a Word He gave me Psalm 139 – specifically the verses on Him being ever present to us, no matter where we make our home. And then, I felt Him prompt me to open a former missionary friend’s next chapter (she is a Grandma now) – she sent it to us for feedback. I had wanted to read it the day before, but God clearly said no. Wait.

    As I read that chapter in the forest, I was so floored at how well God knew me. It was about my friend’s childhood experiences of moving countries, about those she trusted most breaking her trust and making decisions for her that deeply hurt her, and about how she shut her eyes and ears and heart to God’s love as a teenager in response, but also how God sent hymns and people to her to be His kindness to her and who gently pried open her heart to receive His love and compassion in her pain.

    I cried and cried and cried, as I realized God wasn’t surprised at all at how deeply I feel loss and how He wanted me to know He’s seen every loss I have borne in my life in choosing to follow Him, since I was that MK and PK, where I too moved countries and had my trust broken. And He also showed me how I became the one who broke the trust of others, as I fed on fear as a returning Prodigal, relearning to trust Him and His completion.

    And now that remembering and receiving of His compassion myself, is directing me in my prayers for others – especially for the refugee children, their parents and new communities, and those in Russia choosing to stand up for the truth and facing so much loss in doing so.

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    1. I am right there with you, Anna, in absolute awe of how He so perfectly orchestrates such details to speak to our hearts in exactly the way and timing that we need it. May Holy Spirit comfort and heal you as you process this loss with Him. He loves you so much!


  2. In Matt 11.12, I think Jesus referred to the kingdom of heaven as God’s personal nature: “.. forceful men lay hold of it.” From Adam and beyond there are those of us who insist, “Show me your glory.” God wants us to ‘seek his face,’ that is, a personal relationship.

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    1. I really enjoyed reading this insight, thank you Arnold. It blesses me to read, as the Holy Spirit has been emphasizing Psalm 27 to me for months now. (Slow reply because things have been nonstop over here). Many blessings to you!


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