“Keep your eyes open for God, watch for his works; be alert for signs of his presence” (Psalm 105:4 MSG).

Yesterday, I shared with you about my recent date with my eight-year-old. Sharing with you about it, I had tears come to my eyes multiple times. Holy Spirit used my little girl to work in my heart.

Whether or not Lily would use the same language for it, that day she was living out exactly what this verse describes. She was keeping her eyes open for God, watching for His works. She was alert, tuned into His stirrings on the inside of her. When her spirit picked up on God’s love for the hungry man outside the restaurant, she responded. She moved in tune with His movements that day.

In like kind, I then allowed God to work inside of me… in response to seeing Him work inside of her. I gave space and a listening heart to what He was saying to me through her. Her attentiveness to the work of God in her world had ripple effects. Now look! Those ripples are reaching even to you today.

Jesus said, “My Father is always working” (John 5:17, NLT) What beautiful, powerful truth! God is always doing something right there in front of us, if we will develop eyes to see it and a heart to respond to it. May the Father give us attentive hearts to the work of the Spirit in the spheres where He planted us. When He grants us eyes to see what He is doing, may He find us longing to enter in and partner with what He is doing.

When we do, my friend, you know what? The ripple effects just might change the world!


What has God been showing you about what He is doing in your world?



7 thoughts on “Attentive

  1. Amen to your prayer: “May the Father give us attentive hearts to the work of the Spirit in the spheres where He planted us. When He grants us eyes to see what He is doing, may He find us longing to enter in and partner with what He is doing.”

    Recently, a friend reminded me in something she said about a nightmare my youngest had. As I prayed, I found God showing me that the dreams my daughter is having are invitations into intercession. Days later my other daughter had a nightmare and so, while I comforted her, I also led her into prayer for all those children around the world for whom her nightmare is a reality. One who has experienced something similar is a girl in her class at school (a foster child). As I brought her to bed, God showed me this was Him answering her deepest cry: she’s been telling me God doesn’t speak to her, only to me. And so I showed her that nightmare was God giving her a special gift: inviting her to pray WITH Him.

    She then said: Mama, Jesus can raise people from the dead: why doesn’t He give these kids their parents back. I told her we can’t see the whole story but we can know God’s heart and that most likely He is turning these children’s heartache into a gift to many others later in their life. I talked about free will and how God doesn’t want us to be robots, but that in giving us this free will, bad things do happen to us, but like a good parent, God’s protection is still present in all of that. She somehow seemed satisfied and I think was just so touched that Jesus was speaking to her (when she’s been convinced He doesn’t talk to her).

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    1. How absolutely precious! I find the wisdom Holy Spirit gave you for navigating those moments impactful and striking. I am confident those lessons and seeds will be with your daughter for the rest of her life. Thank You Jesus!


  2. Sometimes children are more in tune with God’s Spirit’s leading than we are. Adults get distracted by the cares of life, real life, and we forget to watch for opportunities to show God’s love. Thank you for the reminder.

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    1. That is so true, Cheryl. And makes me think about how children are part of the Body of Christ; just as He intends for us to need each other as adults, He intends for us to need what they have to bring to the table too! (Back from a trip and catching up on comments) 🙂


  3. Thank you. Yes. It was a question asked by my little daughter more than four decades ago that set me off on a writing and God journey..
    She asked If God is invisible where do you see Him.
    I prayed , God responded , and I wrote Where Do I see my God? A whole journey of writing and God discovery began. Praise to the God Who is personal and ever present.

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