The Rhema That’s Producing Promise Inside of You


“For nothing will be impossible with God” (Luke 1:37, NET).

Gabriel had just dropped a bombshell on Mary. On this side of history, the story is exceedingly familiar to us. Try to imagine, though, what it must have felt like for this young woman to hear such an astonishing message from a majestic being shining brilliantly with heavenly light. Gabriel’s presence must have been overwhelming indeed; we read that upon encountering him, the prophet Daniel fell on his face, terrified (Dan. 8:17).

So this gloriously resplendent angel announces to teenage Mary that the God who fills the whole universe is about to fit Himself in her virgin womb. Made pregnant by the Holy Spirit, she is going to carry no less than the Son of God, the Savior of the entire world, in her uterus.

No wonder she needed to hear of Elizabeth’s mind-blowing miracle to bolster her faith. Gabriel mentions John’s supernatural conception, and then brings his announcement to a tidy conclusion with these words: “For nothing will be impossible with God.”

I love the breakdown of the Greek on this verse. Gabriel actually said to Mary, “No rhema from God will be void of dunamis.” Rhema means “spoken word,” and dunamis means “power.” In other words, no utterance from God’s mouth will ever be lacking in power!

When God speaks a promise to you, His very word carries the power necessary to set into motion everything necessary for its fulfillment.

The Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary. He hovered over her womb just as He hovered over the surface of the waters in Genesis 1:1. As God released His promise to Mary, His spoken word (rhema) was charged with the very power (dunamis) that brought forth a human embryo inside of her. Jesus is the Word. In that moment, God’s Word became flesh inside of this humble, willing maidservant.

Is there a promise God has spoken to your heart that is yet awaiting its appointed time? The prophetic message Gabriel proclaimed is timeless. Holy Spirit put it in Luke’s narrative for you and for me. No promise, no utterance from God’s mouth, will ever be deficient of the mighty power needed for it to come to fruition.

His personal word to you is living, active, and full of God’s energy. It is right now mightily at work in heavenly places, producing change on your behalf. His word never returns to Him empty. It always accomplishes His purpose. There is no setback that ever has Him nervous, gnawing on His nails, wondering how in the world He is going to handle it. From the very moment He gave you the promise, He saw the end from the beginning, and absolutely everything in between. He laid His perfect plan accordingly. He is masterfully working all of it together for your good.

Nothing – absolutely nothing – shall be impossible with God!


Have you had some time to reflect during this Advent season? If so, what part of the Christmas story is speaking to your heart in a special way?

If you need a place online to meditate on the deeper meaning of the season, I highly recommend!


4 thoughts on “The Rhema That’s Producing Promise Inside of You

  1. Yes! I have a few promises, to which I am holding on, but wow – their fulfillment seems further now than when they were made. I like how you said “There is no setback that ever has Him nervous, gnawing on His nails, wondering how in the world He is going to handle it.” I can’t picture God doing that, but it is exactly what I do. I gnaw on my nails wondering how in the world He is going to handle it. I’d do better to set those hands clapping and that mouth to singing – because He who started the work will be faithful to complete it and He is worthy of honor and praise every step of the way! Thanks for the encouraging reminder. 🙂

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  2. Love this so much! And don’t I know it to be true:
    – from my own Prodigal heart returning home more than twenty years later
    – from the Word He spoke through me as a little girl bearing fruit in my mother more than twenty years later and in me too, as He took away my idols one by one and gave me back the gift of my free will and my First Love
    – from watching Him birth the Promise in my loved ones now.

    Yes! His Word is POWERFULL!! May I never ever forget it.

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