Captured by Mary’s Awe


“But Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart” (Luke 2:19, NKJV).

Rushed, excited shepherds breathlessly telling their story. A sky full of angels, ablaze with glory, they said. The little town abuzz with the news. Mary sat in deep thought, absorbing all of this. But most of all, she looked fixedly at the breathtaking newborn in her arms. All-encompassing peace emanated powerfully from His tiny body, coursing through her being.

We ached for You for so long… You are finally here! You have come to us! How, how have You taken this shape?? How, HOW is it that I get to hold You? she whispered to Him, in awe. She kissed His perfect forehead. His beautiful, vulnerable baby eyes looked up into hers. She gazed into them, lost in absolute wonder.

The Savior of the world had subjected Himself to the need to be held by her human arms. To the need to be nursed at her breast. To the need to be cuddled so very close and cherished. Everything inside of the young mother rose up in response, pouring out all her overwhelmed love to Him. She clutched Him tenderly to her bosom, drinking in His nearness, drinking in the connection of His absolute dependency on her. She treasured these moments fiercely, pondering them in her heart with exultation.

Mary set the example for us. That first starry Christmas night, she showed us the correct posture for our own hearts. Keeping these things. Absorbing them into the very depths of our souls. Pondering them with all the passion of our inner being.

I read this relevant quote the other day, and found it so apt:

“To not pay attention is to miss the wonder of being alive… In these days of multitasking, social media, and dawn-to-dusk rushing around, I wonder if we’re going too fast to do so. Or if we’ve fooled ourselves into believing that we’re accomplishing so much, when what we’re really doing is making treasure of the trivial…”*

This Advent, let’s let Mary’s awe capture our hearts. Let’s keep these things and ponder them in our hearts, as she did. Let’s quiet ourselves completely and lean in to listen to Holy Spirit’s magnificent whisper. In the stillness, let’s let the astonishing wonder of our Savior’s coming overwhelm our spirits once again with hushed, gentle peace.


If you use Spotify, check out this beautiful song. I think it captures some of the wonder:

Did you get a chance to listen? What did you think?

*52 Little Lessons from A Christmas Carol by Bob Welch, copyright Thomas Nelson

9 thoughts on “Captured by Mary’s Awe

  1. This resonates so much. Yesterday, I read this quote and it struck me how true it is:

    A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.

    Herbert A. Simon (1916 – 2001)

    I think about two and a half years ago now (if I remember correctly), I fasted Facebook and Instagram for a week, while on holiday with our friends. I wanted to be more present to my family and to our friends. I had gone off all social media previously for a year (and it was so good) but had gone back back on for my writing.

    But I then deleted those accounts not long later because I realized I was SO very happy that week. I had kept those accounts thinking I “needed them” for my writing (it’s what everybody else was doing) – but I heard God say: you only “need” Me. It’s brought so much peace.

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    1. Wow. I am very struck by the love you have for Him, to obey Him in such a radical way. I know He is SO proud of you!

      And sure, I can share some more with you by private message as you were inquiring. Would you like me to email you?


      1. You know, it was His gift to me. There have been days I’ve doubted that – comparing myself with others, I’ve questioned God’s love for me in hemming me in and setting me apart like this. But even that questioning has taken me deeper into being known and loved by God and knowing and loving Him in return.

        I am a thinker – that’s the way He made me. I used to feel ashamed of my questions, pressing them away as “bad” and “wrong”- now I am learning that they’re His gift to me. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened to you. I’m finding hidden treasure daily 😊😍.

        I’d love to get an email from you!


      2. Yes! That is so absolutely His gift to you. And I know it absolutely delights His heart as you engage with it wholeheartedly. This is part of your worship to Him. I also am very much a thinker, so I get you. Thinking deeply is so very enriching!

        And, sure thing! What email address should I use?


  2. I wonder how many new mothers were like me when I held my first child. I was in awe but terrified of the responsibility.
    It stuns me to think and wonder how much Mary knew on the day Messiah was born. Did she imagine HE was destined as many prophets foretold to be a leader and lead His People out of bondage or did she KNOW or see the shadow of the cross and know after all the slain lambs He was born to be the sacrificial Lamb of God, To save the souls of all people. Christmas is a time to rejoice at remembrance of His Birth. It is a celebration of motherhood and a deep reflection for all mothers who have outlived their first baby. Thank God for His Redemption Plan. Thank you for your post Jennifer.

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    1. I feel the depth of your heart in the words that you have shared here, my precious sister. May the Holy Spirit be so near to you during this Christmas time. I can only imagine the challenge that it presents. I know He loves you so, so deeply, and I pray that His presence would be tangible in its closeness.


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