Update… Missing You All!

Hello all! I figured it was about time that I gave you an update. I had a shoulder injury that has had me in a sling for the last four weeks. The doctor told me to avoid my computer. I am voice dictating this update on my phone. My shoulder has been gradually healing, but it’s still not well enough to get out of the sling. Please continue to pray, so that I can come back soon and start my posting again. I miss it and you all so very much!

49 thoughts on “Update… Missing You All!

  1. Hi Jennifer,
    thanks for the update, got so excited to see this pop in my email this morning. Miss you so much my dear! Quick recovery and may the good Lord bring much needed recovery and rest time for you and the family!

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    1. Aw, how do you unfailingly make me smile so big, my dear sister? I’m finally getting back to my keyboard enough to at least respond to all the wonderful comments I have missed. Thank you so much for this!


  2. Precious Jennifer, What a Blessing to hear from you! May the Peace of God (nothing missing, nothing broken) rest upon you. Healing comes as we worship. I worship & take communion for you. His body was broken so yours could be healed. His blood was shed to cleanse you of all that could harm you. I’m standing the gap for you this day!

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    1. My dear sister, how this blessed me, to know of your prayers for me! I love knowing that you take communion in intercession. I do the same, but don’t meet too many people that know of this practice, and it truly lifts me up. He has indeed been healing me, and I KNOW your prayers have been an important part!


  3. Praying for you Jennifer. Just a note about your shoulder. Not sure the injury but if you have to keep your shoulder immobile, frozen shoulder can set it. Did your doctor talk about that? It happened to me after having a collarbone injury several years ago where I had surgery and then my arm in a sling which kept my shoulder immobile. I developed frozen shoulder (didn’t even know there was such a thing) and that was more dehabilitating than the injury itself. It took almost 8 months to recover from that. So, not to go to the worst scenario but just to be aware of it and maybe the doctor can suggest exercises to help it? Will be praying for protection from that too.
    Miss your devos but have been catching up on some that I missed! Give yourself grace through all this . God is at work❣️

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    1. Just now seeing this, but it gives me a lot of joy to hear from you on here, Cindy! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience and thoughts with me. My arm has been out of the sling for a week and a half after six weeks in it, and my mobility was indeed affected. However, it didn’t seem to get any worse than it already was. I have been doing exercises my nurse friend send to me for frozen shoulder, and thank You Jesus, I am seeing steady improvement on it, at a rate that is promising. God is good! Again, thank you so much for leaving a comment, it means so much. Sending you lots of love!


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