Caught by Angels

Grateful to be alive!

“He ordered his angels to guard you wherever you go. If you stumble, they’ll catch you; their job is to keep you from falling” (Ps. 91:11-12, MSG).

Last month, a dear friend of mine was enjoying a refreshing vacation with her family. On her birthday, they embarked on a greatly anticipated hike in Grand Teton National Park. The day was beautiful and the scenery breathtaking. Suddenly, she heard her sister cry out her name in a heart-stopping tone.

She turned around just in time to see her brother falling off a cliff. He had slipped on a loose stone. He had been holding hands with his three-year-old daughter as they walked. As he felt himself falling, he frantically pushed her into his sister’s arms. His family was frozen in place as they watched him tumble downwards.

A few seconds later, he came to an abrupt stop. The way his nephew described it was that it looked like the hand of God suddenly halted his descent. There was no other explanation. Momentum should have taken him the short distance remaining. There was nothing in his path physically to slow or hinder his fall. In just a few more feet, he would have crashed into the rocky surface below and perished.

God’s intervention didn’t stop there. Almost immediately, some men stopped and helped the family form a human chain to pull him up. Amazingly, he had no broken bones and no concussion. The worst of it was some abrasions on his head, which healed quickly.

You and I both know. It was indeed God’s own hand that stopped him. As you can imagine, my friend and her family are overwhelmed by thankfulness to Him for this. I am excited to see what wonderful plans the Father has for our brother up ahead. Clearly His purposes for him on this earth are not yet completed!


Have you experienced moments in life that are only explainable by the intervention of angels?

30 thoughts on “Caught by Angels

  1. Yes! Several years ago, my mom had just poured herself a cup of coffee. She always puts it into the microwave to make it extra piping hot. She set it on a small table next to her chair and my son (maybe 4 years old at the time) bumped into the table and the coffee spilled on his extended hand, arm, and down the side of his small body. I screamed, watching it, as if I’m slow motion, from across the room. I ran over to him, scooped him up, and ran with him to the sink. I turned on the cold water and began dowsing him with it, starting with his hand, which was dripping with coffee.
    I have several friends with lifelong scars from similar childhood accidents and I’ve heard how painful the injuries and recoveries were. I wanted to cool him down as quickly as possible.
    By the time I gathered my thoughts, I realized that my son was not crying. He was looking at me like I’d lost my ever-loving mind. His skin was not hot. He wasn’t burned. I couldn’t figure it out. I washed the coffee off his skin, took off his shirt to launder, and went to clean the coffee that had fallen into the table and floor. IT WAS SO HOT! I had one explanation. Divine protection. Only God!

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  2. Yes, I have experienced this. When I was 17 I had was going on a drive with some friends. At the moment I was getting in the car I just for no explicable reason COULDN’T get in. It was so weird. My bf at the time stayed with me and so didn’t get in either. The next day we received the awful news that the car was involved in a fatal accident. The other passengers had all died. I have neve forgotten that and it left a huge impression on my that an angel was sent to prevent us from entering that car.

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  3. I had a strong urge to immediately kneel down and pray for my son’s protection. In my mind, I kept seeing the colour red.

    My son returned a while later and told me how he narrowly avoided being hit by a car that was going too fast in a parking lot.

    I asked him what colour the car was. He said it was red.
    This had happened while I was praying for him. 🌷

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  4. Wow! Clearly angels are real! And this young man has so much more living to do.
    Last week my brother-in-law was in a head-on collision on a major road near us. He walked away with some cuts and scratches and a black eye, but otherwise OK. Obviously God’s not quite finished with him here, either!

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  5. Thank you for sharing this amazing story. Yes indeed Our Almighty God can and does deliver by angelic means for His Purposes ALONE. (I know I fell onto a granite Rock face first and though hearing the smash felt as if I had fallen onto a feather bed and no broken bones or injury.) ONLY GOD! Why? This is my reason for pursuing after HIM tenaciously. I only KNOW His Way is LIfe or Journey into eternity. Whichever It is ALL ABOUT HIM AND HIS WILL, Follow Jesus ALONE. Live in and through HIM. Blessings!.

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    1. Wow, what an amazing experience that must have been! I heard someone say once that nothing can replace your own journey with Jesus, since that is the way we get to know Him, as we personally experience His care as you have just described. How beautiful!


  6. Amen! Praise the Lord!

    When we were younger a part of a car in front of my mum and brother fell off and bounced towards them on the road. Was heavy and solid metal, but instead of going through the windscreen it glanced off it only leaving a small scratch. My older brother, who was maybe thirteen at the time said it felt like it should have come straight through the windscreen.

    God holds us and moves heavy things if He needs to.

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