May It Be Said of Us…


“He will not quarrel or be found yelling in public. He won’t brush aside the bruised and broken. He will be gentle with the weak and feeble, until his victory releases justice. And the fame of his name will birth hope among the people” (Matt. 12:19-21, TPT).

We find everything we need for operating at a powerful level, by drinking deeply of Daddy’s delight. Jesus did it this way, and modeled it for us. He constantly marinated in Daddy’s exultant proclamation about Him: “I love him dearly, and I find all my delight in him” (v. 18).

At the same time, He lived in absolute dependency on the Holy Spirit’s anointing, empowering, and leadership. Based on these two mainstays, He did mind-blowing miracles like healing all the diseases an entire multitude brought with them to His meetings.

All in a day’s work.

Will we, too, continually allow our each day’s work to be empowered by divine delight? If we do, our lives will progressively resemble Jesus’ daily patterns more and more. The above portrayal of Him (verses 19-21) will come to be reflected in our own behavior and attitudes. We will be able to take the descriptors found in these lines and they will become descriptors of our own habits. Those who observe our lives will be able to say about us:

  • “They will not quarrel or be found yelling in public.” We will become increasingly peaceful in our interrelating with society. We won’t be bickering. We won’t be found acting rude in public. We won’t be found snarling at other drivers from behind our steering wheels. We won’t be found letting anger loose on Facebook posts and comments. We won’t be found snapping at others when the wait in line is uncomfortably longer than we would prefer.
  • “They won’t brush aside the bruised and broken.” When Daddy’s delight gets all the way into the marrow of our bones, we’ll act like Him. His presence dwelling in us will cause our hearts to ache for the hurting. Instead of brushing them aside, we will take them in and nurture them.
  • “They will be gentle with the weak and feeble.” When we come to know in our heart of hearts how loved we are, the natural result will be gentleness. Holy Spirit will empower us to see past the prickly exterior of hard-to-love wounded souls. He will put tenderness in our touch and kindness in our character. Our unshakable foundation of belovedness will empower us to love others in extraordinary ways.
  • “They will spread the fame of Jesus’ name, birthing hope among the people.” The presence and power of Holy Spirit will flow through our smiles, our hands, and our genuinely caring demeanor. As those around us encounter Him in their interactions with us, He will birth new hope inside of them. Contagious hope will spring up the hearts of those who receive His ministry just by being in our physical vicinity. Jesus will become intimately known to them as they observe the way we live our lives.

All in a day’s work. All because we are willing to marinate, unhurried, in His delight. All because we are willing to surrender to living in complete dependency on Him. Holy Spirit’s leading and empowering will accomplish all of this in us, and more!

“I can guarantee this truth: Those who believe in me will do the things that I am doing. They will do even greater things…” (John 14:12, GW).


When others observe your life, what would you like them to see? (Really think about this…)

4 thoughts on “May It Be Said of Us…

  1. Not me, is the simple answer. I’m afraid that all people can see a lot of the time is me. My preferences, mood/thoughts at the moment, most recent challenge, hopes, etc.

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    1. It makes me so happy to hear from you on here, Lindsey! And I think people see SO much more of Jesus than you realize, when they look at you! You are the light of the world, brilliantly so!


  2. Someone who seeks to follow God’s guidance. A few of the things God has put me on this earth to do are play the drums with gusto, write and play music, share stories, and share kindness.

    God’s light is to be embraced in every part of life, and shared with everyone we meet!

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